Oakley Athletes Dominate the Podium at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Schladming, Austria

mtb2Lisi Osl Schladming 2009 winner

Oakley athletes dominate the podium at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Schladming, Austria

Last weekend once again the MTB circuit travelled to Schladming, Austria for this year’s UCI NISSAN WORLD CUP FINALS in XC, 4X and DH. Schladming is famous for great racing and amazing tracks in all disciplines.

XC Women:
Oakley’s Lisi Osl, wearing Enduring, went into the race as World Cup leader. Lene Byberg also had good chance to win the overall World Cup, since she had a victory in the last race. However powering away from the pack, 24 year old Lisi made it her own race. She crossed the finish line with a lead of 1:19 minutes. Lisi wrapped up her 2nd WC win this year and took home the overall title for 2009. Oakley’s Catherine Pendrel came 2nd in the race and 3rd in the overall.

XC men:
Having a puncture and thus pulling out of the race did not affect Oakley’s Julien Absalon too much as he already wrapped up his overall title with a 2nd place in Champery last weekend. New World Champion Oakley’s Nino Schurter ended up in 4th place behind Oakley young gun Mathias Flückiger, wearing Radar, who raced incredibly well.

4X women:
Oakley’s Anneke Beerten, wearing Crowbar MX, dominated the race throughout the finals to win the race and wrap up her overall WOLD CUP title 2009. Oakley’s Jill Kintner, wearing Crowbar MX, won the qualifications, but had bad luck in the finals and crashed in round one.

4X men:
Oakley’s current World Champion Jared Graves, wearing Crowbar MX, had the overall title in his pocket since two races ago, but still wanted to end the season properly and won this race, dominating from first heat to finals. Oakley’s Swiss Roger Ringerknecht, who recently broke his upper arm in practice, could not compete in Schladming but still went home with 4th place in the overall Championships.

DH men:
Even though Sam Hill went into the race with a big lead in the overall standings it was still possible for Oakley’s Greg Minnaar, wearing O-frame, to catch up and win the overall. After crashing hard in the semis Greg put together a phenomenal run down the very fast and rough track but
still ended up in third place in the race. This made a 2nd place in the overall standings for him. 2008 World Champion, Oakley’s Gee Atherton, wearing Crowbar, earned himself the 4th place in this year’s overall standings.

DH Women:
Longtime Oakley athlete Tracy Mosely, wearing Crowbar MX, did not have the perfect run in her semis and thus expectations where not too high for the final. But with a fast and very strong run down the hill on Sunday afternoon Tracey proved the opposite and won the race ahead of Pugin from France and overall winner Sabrina Jonnier.

Great racing in Schladming proved a strong Oakley team and we can look forward to a great 2010. Congratulations to all our athletes.

Women 4X
1. Anneke Beerten (NED; OAKLEY)
2. Anita Molcik (AUT)
3. Katy Curd (GBR; OAKLEY)
4. Mio Suemasa (JPN; OAKLEY)

Women 4X overall:
1. Anneke Beerten (NED; OAKLEY)
2. Fionn Griffiths (GBR)
3. Jill Kintner (USA; OAKLEY)
4. Melissa Buhl (USA)

men 4X:
1. Jared Graves (AUS; OAKLEY)
2. Romain Saladine( FRA)
3. Johannes Fischbach (GER)
4. Joost Wichmann (NED)

men 4X overall:
1. Jared Graves (AUS; OAKLEY)
2. Joost Wichmann (NED)
3. Romain Saladine (FRA)
4. Roger Rinderknecht (SUI; OAKLEY)

XC women:
1. Lisi Osl (AUT; OAKLEY)
2. Lene Byberg (NOR)
3. Catherine Pendrel (CAN; OAKLEY)

XC Women overall:
2. Lene Byberg (NOR)
3. Catherine Pendrell (CAN; OAKLEY EDNURING)

XC men:
1. Jose Hermida (ESP)
2. Ruben Ruzafa (ESP; OAKLEY RADAR)
3. Mathias Flückiger (SUI; OAKLEY)
4. Nino Schurter (SUI; OAKLEY RADAR XL)

XC men overall:
1. Julien Absalon (FRA; OAKLEY RADAR)
2. Jose Hermida (ESP)
3. Burry STander (RSA; OAKLEY RADAR)
4. Ralf Naef (SUI)
5 Nino Schurter (SUI; OAKLEY ARADR XL)

DH men:
1. Sam Hill (AUS)
2. Sam Blenkinsop (NZL)
3. Greg Minnaar (SUI; OAKLEY O FRAME)

DH men Overall:
1. Sam Hill (AUS)
2. Greg Minnaar (RSA; OAKLEY O_FRAME)
3. Steve Peat (GBR)
4. Gee Atherton (GBR; OAKLEY CROWBAR MX)

DH women:
1. Tracy Mosely (GBR; OAKLEY CROWBAR MX)
2. Floriane Pugin (FRA)
3. Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)

DH women overall:
1. Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)
2. Tracy Moseley (GBR; OAKLEY CROWBAR MX)
3. Floriane Pugin (FRA)