10 Minutes With Darcy


After a week in Vegas for the year’s biggest bike show, Oakley’s Darcy Turenne needed some serious R&R. Where better to recuperate than the sunny beaches of Southern California. The Vancouver Island resident made time to stop by Oakley Headquarters and catch up and talk travel, television and why being boy crazy was the best thing for her bike career…

California has been awesome. I came here straight form Interbike and needed to chill out after the insanity of Vegas. Liesl picked me up and we started off with a wicked concert with some of my favorite bands like Chromeo and The Faint. We spent the next two days surfing, painting and relaxing.

I have been biking so much this summer that my body was feeling sore and tired. I still feel really pumped riding my bike all the time, but I needed to take a few days off and chill in the sun.

In a week I am heading off to Hawaii to do a MTB photo shoot, which, although I’m sad to leave LA, will be very fun. Before Hawaii, I’m heading home for Canadian Thanksgiving, Hopefully my mom bought an organic turkey, or I’m not eating. Ok, maybe I’ll eat sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

This summer has been nuts. I have been to Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, and all over the states and Canada. I’ve been biking and luckily I had a few weeks at home to hang out and ride my BMX and spend time with my family, which was good because I think my mom was forgetting who I was.

I’ve been filming for my TV show, “Ride Guide”. It’s a freeride mountain bike TV show about some of the best destinations for mountain biking in the world. I’m lucky enough to be the host.

The best part is getting to travel and ride with some of the best bikers in the world, who are also my friends. I get to go to all these amazing destinations and ride with people I look up. You’re always with top notch really ripping riders. It’s great because it pushes me as an athlete.

My fall is looking really exciting. I’m going to Israel to shoot biking. After that I go to the Northwest and shoot for a video part for Chain Reaction. They’re trying to do nitty, gritty Pacific Northwest. It’ll be cold and wet, but that’s how we do it up there. They’re trying to capture essence. I’ll just bring lots of parkas.

The path I’ve chosen in MTB is a lot different than most girls. I don’t race, I freeride, which has been male dominated so far. I think because I’m taking that path, I’m getting noticed. I always have a good attitude, I think the good energy rubs off, I’m never unhappy when I rub my bike. That’s allowed me to do well in television and gotten me to where I am today.

I have so many goals. This interview would be way too long. I have a huge list of tricks I want to get down. I want to be undeniable the best female mountain biker there is (laughing and smiling, of course). Just keep doing what I’m doing and inspire young girls, and push women’s mountain biking to a direction it hasn’t seen yet.

I feel so lucky to be chosen for Oakley’s Uniquely campaign because it came out of the blue. I had just signed with Oakley and all of a sudden I was being whisked off to Costa Rica and put in a great situation and immediately welcomed in the family. I made some of my best friends down there and I’ve formed a relationship with Oakley that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

One of the coolest parts about where I am is young and older girls coming up to me and telling me their goals and asking for advice. I don’t always know the answer, but it’s cool to help them walk though it and help them see things they might not see on their own. It’s cool to be role model. Marla Streb was one of mine. Basically anyone I could find, I would latch onto as a role model. I was like, “Wanna take me under your wing?” I was a super geek.

I think the fact that I always wanted to keep up with the boys and always wanted to do what they did has gotten me to where I am. Instead of racing, I would go to big scary jumps that no other girls would go to because I wanted to be doing what the boys were doing. I was boy crazy and that’s what made me push it. And I’m still boy crazy…


Tess Weaver


October 03, 2007