7 Golds at Summer X


White Wins Gold at Summer X

At 20 years old, Shaun White already has an Olympic gold medal and six Winter X Games gold medals around his neck — but before Sunday, ESPN X Games gold had eluded him. He finished a disappointing eighth place in last year’s Men’s Skateboard Vert competition.

One great run changed everything Sunday, and in front of X Games commentator Tony Hawk and a cheering crowd of thousands, White put down a run that knocked off then leader Pierre-Luc Gagnon and added yet another milestone to what has been a remarkable career thus far.

“I’m overwhelmed,” White said just afterwards, catching his breath. “I can’t even talk right now."

It was a video game run. Backside 540 to heelflip body varial to McTwist to air to fakie to 720 to frontside 540 stalefish to frontside 540 to nose grind to lipslide to blunt to fakie to fakie air to frontside 540 to backside 540 to frontside gay twist. Somewhere, a girl was screaming Shaun’s name, but it was drowned out by a legion of fans roaring at the sound of the buzzer.

Bob’s Job

The top big air skaters in the world squared off at STAPLES Center Thursday on the first night of ESPN X Games 13, where Bob Burnquist narrowly edged out Jake Brown in this evening’s Skateboard Big Air Final. On the very last run of the competition, Burnquist’s spectacular frontside 540° launched him 18.07 feet above the quarterpipe – and it was good enough for the gold.

Brown, who going into his own last run was the Big Air leader, landed the 720 Brown and rocketed toward the quarterpipe with the intention of powering through a McTwist, but he came in with too much momentum, lost control, and fell from the zenith of his 19 ft. air to the flat bottom 40 feet below.

Miraculously, Brown got up and walked away, showing the world why he has such a gnarly, tough-as-nails reputation in the world of vertical skateboarding.

But the show, as they say, must go on, and all eyes turned once again on Burnquist. “I really had to focus for my last run and reel all my emotions in,” Burnquist said afterwards.

After Brown was deemed okay and cleared from the ramp, Burnquist dropped into a switch 180 no-handed backside ollie over the 70-foot gap followed by a double-overhead rodeo frontside 540, snagging the gold from the seriously jarred Brown.

RC Wins First X Games MX Gold

10-time AMA Motocross Champion Ricky Carmichael may have retired from full-time competition this year, but he couldn’t resist running in the X Games’ first ever Moto X Racing event, held tonight at The Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.

Carmichael dominated his Round One qualification heat, then rolled to victory ahead of a field that included Grant Langston and Kevin Windham, who took silver and medals, respectively.

Hailed as the “Greatest of all Time,” (G.O.A.T.), Carmichael has three undefeated AMA Motocross seasons under his belt (2002, 2004-5), and is shooting for his 150th career AMA win next week, a milestone no other rider is even close to matching.

But even in semi-retirement, the X Games held a special allure for a rider who has dominated his sport for over a decade.

“I’m so pumped, you have no idea,” Carmichael said. “I’ve always felt like an outsider, if you will, just because I’ve never had my discipline in the X Games, and to finally have it and to be the first one [to win a gold medal]: awesome. I cannot describe to you how happy I am.”