Man on a Hot Streak: 5 Questions with Reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez


Entering the 2014 MotoGP season, there was no denying that Marc Marquez was the rider to beat with a large target planted firmly on his chest. Since winning the 2013 World Championship last year at just 20-years old and becoming the youngest MotoGP World Champion in the sport’s history, the only thing Marquez’s opponents have been able to see is his back. He has since opened the 2014 season with eight consecutive race wins – a feat that was last achieved over 40-years ago by the legendary Giacomo Agostini.

Before heading to Germany for his next race on July 13th, we caught up with Marquez to see how he’s coping with it all.

1. What were your expectations coming into the 2014 season?

I am thinking race by race. I am not thinking of all the milestones.

2. As the reigning world champ, there are certainly expectations for you to perform well. Did you expect this sort of dominance?

No, it was a big surprise. I always want to win, but not eight in a row. It looks so easy, but instead it is so difficult. I am not sure I will repeat ever. I am so proud of how all of my team and my bike are working. I feel so happy with them and confident.

3. What has been the biggest key to your early success this season?

I have more experience. I recovered my team. The bike is working very good this year and I had luck as well. You need many small details to have success.

4. What has been your favorite moment or race thus far?

I have not one because, fortunately, I have a lot. I’ve enjoyed all victories or important moments. For sure, when you win the title is always a special moment.

5. What will be necessary of you and your team to sustain this championship-level performance for the remainder of the season?

We need to keep our focus and enjoy every moment. It’s easier when you enjoy and share with your people. I am lucky because my team is so professional, but also very good people.




July 08, 2014