Charging On: Jeffrey Herlings Continues Tear Through World Championship Motocross Circuit, Caps off 13 Moto Win Streak


Jeffrey Herlings’ perfect season may have ‘ended.’ But there’s still nothing on the planet of 250 dirt bikes that is even close to stopping him.

The young Dutchman phenom’s epic 13 straight Moto victories came to a halt with a crash in the Super Final at the Grand Prix of Brazil last week – but his characteristically dominating performance in Moto 1 still guaranteed an overall victory at the stop.

Which means, of course, that Oakley’s speed demon still holds a massive 100 point lead in the 250 class standings.

The resilient display in South America came on the heels of a purely dominating weekend in Portugal the week prior – smoking the Free Practice, qualifiers, Moto 1 (with the Holeshot and lapping the 10th position rider) and Moto 2 (Holeshot, fastest lap time, 1:08:304 faster than the second place rider, lapped the entire field until the eighth position rider) en route to six straight triumphs.

But despite all the immense success and unbelievable form in the 250 class, there can be no doubt that Jeff is looking beyond to greater things in the near future – like a shot at the 450 class title.

Of course, he has already proven that he can run with the big boys, taking a Top 3 position in the Super Final in Thailand in a heat that combined both 250 and 450 riders.

“…Even on a lites bike, so it means I have got the speed to win but it’s not as easy winning an MX1 GP as it is winning an MX2 GP, that’s for sure!” he says.

Nonetheless, he’s taking his steps carefully as he prepares himself for the next step – and his course of action for next year.

“I’ve been thinking about everything… I don’t know yet if I’ll be in MX1 or MX2, but I’m definitely going to remain in Europe,” he continues. “Maybe I’ll stay one more year in MX2 but if not I just hope to work on my first MX1 world title. It’s going to be a really difficult one and way more difficult than last year in MX2 and maybe also this year in MX2.”

But one thing’s certain for this season. The talented Dutchman can miss the next four straight Motos and still retain the Points lead.

Now that’s impressive.


Andrew De Lara


May 28, 2013

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