Silver: FMX Star Levi Sherwood Throws Down For Moto X Freestyle 2nd


The highflying Kiwi (New Zealand native) may not have claimed Gold.

But make no mistake: Levi Sherwood threw down, big time, to take his second-straight Moto X Freestyle Silver at X Games on Thursday night.

The young star shelled out a massive second run characterized by mental extensions – throwing a kiss of death backflip, a can can backflip and an extended kiss of death backflip to challenge for the Gold two years after claiming Silver behind Travis Pastrana (2009) as a rookie.

But it just wasn’t enough to trump the magical evening of Taka Higashino – who executed the never before seen ‘Rock Solid Backflip’ for his first-ever Gold in six long years of attempts.

Nonetheless, Levi’s result served as another highlight moment for such the talented, yet mellow, charger during a season that opened with a huge Red Bull X Fighters victory in Dubai after returning from injury. He was sidelined last year to ensure full recovery from his wrist, liver, lung, kidney and back injuries resulting from a horrific crash.

It’s safe to say, Levi’s back.

He had a few short for Oakley fans before the contest: