Coronation: MotoGP Star Casey Stoner Crowned with 2011 Championship Title at Home


There’s no better place to crowned a World Champion…than at home.

Exhibit O: MotoGP Star Casey Stoner, who officially claimed his second World Championship Title this past weekend after dominating the Australian GP from Pole before a raucous Aussie crowd at Phillip Island Circuit.

In a scenario that couldn’t be scripted any better – O’s speed demon needed only a fifth-place finish (11 points) to seal the deal on the Title. And he over-delivered, as always.

Raging out of the gates – Casey claimed the lead – followed by Nicky Hayden and Marco Simoncelli.

Extending his advantage to more than one second by the end of the first lap, he pulled away even more with 24 laps to go – up by 3.296 seconds. He never relinquished the lead – cruising to victory all alone and topping his closest challenger, Simoncelli, by 2.21 seconds.

All despite the weather nearly causing disaster.

“I nearly came off the track…I was pretty lucky to stay on at that point because I think I was the first person to hit that wall of rain,” he said, rocking his Oakley Signature Series Scalpel Eyewear. “We had that first cloud pass over us with a few spits and we were able to keep our advantage there but when it hit the second time, it didn’t look that dark. But the rain falls at you a lot heavier and worse and I’ve gone into that last turn and as soon as I’ve cracked that throttle again, the rear came around and my heart was up in my throat.”

But he stayed on the bike – grabbing the sport’s ultimate glory on the week of his birthday.

“Not too many people have the opportunity to have all these sort of things align – your home grand prix, your birthday, this many straight wins here and then a world championship. There’s that many things in one day it’s hard to take hold of it all.”
“It’s an incredible day, we’ve been waiting for it for sometime now and we knew we had the opportunity to make it happen here,” he continued. “This morning’s crash of Jorge (Lorenzo – defending Champion) was not the manner in which we wanted to win, no racer would ever wish this on anyone else especially someone I respect this much and I wish him a safe and speedy recovery. Going into the race we had the momentum and it was more or less our Championship to lose so we were going to do everything we could to win the race today, but to come away with the Championship today is just fantastic. A huge thanks to Honda, my team, all our sponsors especially Repsol and everyone that has worked so hard this year, it’s a great achievement for us. Now for the remaining few races I just want to enjoy my racing and enjoy knowing that I’m World Champion.”

A huge congratulations to Casey for the dominating year and his second title!


Andrew De Lara


October 17, 2011

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