The Biggest Loser: NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer to Hit NBC’s Hit Show on Tuesday, April 26


No, Clint Bowyer doesn’t need to slim down.

But he will make his second appearance on the hit NBC Show, ‘The Biggest Loser,’ on Tuesday, April 26. Oakley’s NASCAR Star is set to hit the program – which features people who are dieting and exercising to lose weight – as the contestants pull street cars at the Auto Club Speedway in Southern California.

“It is so great to be back on ‘The Biggest Loser,’” said Clint, a head-to-toe Oakley driver (eyewear, firesuit, boots, gloves, etc.). "These contestants prove that even though life is full of setbacks, you pick yourself up, stay on track to reach your goals and focus on what matters most – a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Clint is currently holding 10th in the Sprint Cup standings heading into Richmond’s NASCAR races on Saturday.

Watch for Clint on NBC Tuesday – then cheer him on to an awesome race on the weekend!


Andrew De Lara


April 25, 2011

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