Tension: Ryan Villopoto Emerges Victorious at Dramatic Supercross Atlanta Stop, Dungey Takes Second

Atlanta Both Villopoto-Atlanta-Cox-2011-018

It’s already been one insane Supercross season…with loads of drama.

Atlanta took that, detonated it and stepped it up some.

More than 69,000 fans smashed into the Georgia dome this past weekend to watch Oakley’s Ryan Villopoto emerge victorious after a controversial pass by Chad Reed dropped then leader O’s James “Bubba” Stewart to a fourth place finish in the final lap. Ryan Dungey, on the heels of a second place finish in San Diego, held within the leading pack and grabbed a solid second to stay in striking distance in the Championship standings.

The start of the race was no surprise.

Bubba came out of the gates on fire. The MX superstar snatched the holeshot with authority in the main event, only to give up the lead to Reed for the next 16 laps. From there, things got really heated.

A run in between Bubba and Chris Blose at the tail end of the contest, which allowed Bubba to close the gap on Reed, set the stage for what would be an extremely intense last few laps.

As the white flag approached, the leading group overtook Kyle Regal in the last bowl turn – with Bubba powering to the front for the lead.

Then the real controversy took hold. As the two leaders charged toward the 180-degree turn before the whoop section, Reed smashed his way inside in a block pass attempt while Bubba kept on the gas. The two collided. As they struggled to untangle their bikes, and keep them running, Bubba stepped on Reed’s bike to make for a circus-like moment on the course.

The two rivals found their way back on their bikes – with Bubba getting the head start. But Ryan Villopoto had charged his way to the lead by then.

With Villopoto pulling away, Reed mashed his way in to close the gap with Bubba – and as the two approached the checkered flags, they collided once more, allowing Ryan Dungey to power his way past both of them.

The result was Villopoto taking the win, Dungey grabbing second and Bubba finishing fourth…complemented by some heated riders, opinionated spectators and one wacky ending to yet another super amped up Supercross stop.

Villopoto now holds a significant 10-point lead over Bubba in the season standings – with Dungey holding in the fifth position. One thing is certain, it’s gonna’ be one wild ride moving forward!

Congratulations to both Dungey and Villopoto for an amazing race.