Gold x 2! Daniel Bodin Double Grab Backflips to Freestyle Snowmobile Best Trick Gold


It was just a big party for Daniel Bodin.

O’s newly signed Freestyle Snowmobile Icon, also a new member of Oakley Star Levi LaVallee’s Factory Team, busted out a double grab backflip to grab the Snowmobile Best Trick Gold on Sunday. The victory was his second Gold at Winter X 15.

“That is the biggest one I have ever done,” said Bodin of the trick that racked up a 96.00 score. “I have done it before, but I have never landed it on snow. I just had to do it”

The double grab backflip saw Bodin smash off the ramp and into a backflip. As he rotated in the air, Bodin let go of the handlebars and grabbed on to the back of his seat. As the 500-pound snowmobile rotated out of the flip, Bodin let go of the seat and grabbed back on to the handle bars as the mechanized snow beast landed smoothly on the ground.

The Gold medalist from last year, Oakley’s Heath Frisby, picked up the Bronze spot with a tsunami backflip – mashing to an 86.00 score. And although the trick was definitely huge, it wasn’t quite what he planned for the event.

“It’s not what I wanted to do, I had a brain freeze but I will definitely be back next year bringing it,” Heath said in his Oakley goggles. “It feels real good to medal as it has been a long weekend for all of us freestylers. We are all really beat.”

Peep Daniel’s insane winning trick…