4’s No Charm: Daniel Bodin Smashes His Way to Winter X Gold in Snowmobile Freestyle


When it comes to contests, 4’s definitely not a charm.

Oakley Snowmobile Star Daniel Bodin solidified that theory at Winter X Games 15, as his first 91.33 run in the Snowmobile Freestyle Finals landed him his first Gold medal after finishing in fourth for four years in a row in the event.

His initial run dazzled the crowd as he threw down a heart-attack backflip, a Cordova backflip, a Superman seat-grab, a backflip Superman Indy, a backflip heal-clicker, a kiss-of-death and a seat-grab backflip to top the field.

His huge performance had him best last year’s champ, Josh Hoyer, who put down solid runs but finished with a 91.00.

A huge feat for our clearly stoked Swedish Snowmobile thrasher and his new team – run by Oakley Snowmobile Star Levi LaVallee!