Moto 2: FUEL TV’s Bubba’s World to Debut Supercharged Second Season on Dec. 2


You know you watched the first season. And you were just as addicted as every other moto fan.

Well you’re in luck. Longtime Oakley Motocross Star James “Bubba” Stewart – one of the fastest and most successful men in motocross history – is back at it. Enter the power packed Season 2 of “Bubba’s World” on FUEL TV – debuting this Thursday, Dec. 2 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Get amped, because this one’s gonna’ step it up a few notches. When Bubba exits the stadiums packed with 50,000 screaming race fans, he’s thrust into a whirlwind of multi-million dollar sponsorship commitments and an entourage of friends, family and handlers. But what happens when James’ number-one position is threatened by a potentially career-ending injury? Riveting and entertaining, this season is one of the most revealing behind-the-scenes looks ever into professional motorsports.

In other words, this time around, there’s more dirt, more action, more stadiums and more flat out racing. Just what the doctor ordered.

To add to all of that, this season will be just as Oakley-lined than last season, with our very own Two-Wheel Motorsports Manager continuing in his prominent role on the show (Note: He’s in the trailer).

Scope the trailer below – then don’t forget to set the DVR for this Thursday night.