Oakley's Javier Villa and Jose Manuel De los Milagros Win Mini Challenge At Jarama


Oakley’s Javier Villa of Spain and his teammate Jose Manuel De los Milagros won the second Mini Challenge 2010 at the Jarama circuit, north of Madrid, last weekend.

Villa and De los Milagros finished top three in the qualifying event and set the foundation for their victory on Sunday.

In the final race, starting from the first spot off the grid, De los Milagros kept the lead, despite strong pressure from Alex Royo, and handed the car over to Villa.

Villa had no problems in keeping the lead, crossing the finish line first and scoring the second victory in a row for his team. With this new win, Villa and De los Milagros increase their advantage at the front of the Mini Challenge overall standings. The next event of the series will take place July 2-3, 2010 at the La Torrecica circuit (Albacete).

Javier Villa stated: “Jose started first, drove very well, and kept the position for the first half of the race, keeping at bay Royo without problem. We did the driver change around halfway point of the race and were quite lucky as when I was back on the track the safety car was deployed, and when it’s on track drivers changes aren’t allowed, so from there on we got some advantage and when the race restarted it was just a matter of bringing the car home in first position and the remaining laps were quite easy.”


Erin Edwards


June 09, 2010