Oakley's Lucas Guerrero Races to Victory At The International GT Open


Oakley’s Lucas Guerrero drove one of the team cars of Racing Villois GTS to victory on the Monza circuit at the International GT Open.

Philipp Peter-Michal Broniszewski dominatied the first stint, before having to serve a heavy handicap, which allowed the Villois Aston Martin of Lancieri-Wiser to take the lead. But, like in Magny-Cours, the #61 had no luck, having to retire one lap from the end without any brakes left. Fortunately the Villois squad, of Marco Petrini and Lucas Guerrero, had passed the two Kessel Ferraris of Broniszewski and Kuzminykh to collect the win.

Guerrero was driving perfectly the entire race and he made good use of the handicap of Peter Kessel with brake problems of his Ferrari in the penultimate lap.

It was the third victory of the year for Lucas who is driving the beautiful Aston Martin perfectly and proving his high level at every race.



October 13, 2009

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