Forza Ferrari: Newly Unveiled F14 T Formula 1 Car Tests in Jerez, Marks New Era


When it comes to Ferrari, it’s not just the lure of a pretty ‘car’ that captures the imaginations of admirers across the Globe…It’s a dream.

So it’s no surprise, in any respect, that the Prancing Horse’s new Formula 1 drivers make up a “Dream Team” of sorts, comprised of two of the most legendary active pilots in the world today.

With much off-season chatter on team chemistry between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen floating around the motorsports community, gossip finally melted away as the team sparked a new era and unveiled its completely redesigned 2014 car, the F14 T, at its Maranello headquarters last week.

Sending shockwaves throughout, the new racing machine, laced with complicated, bleeding edge technologies – like a brand new four cylinder turbo engine (a rarity in F1, where bigger engines have been the norm), aerodynamic advances (nose, front fin and more) and a brand new chassis – is truly ushering the team into the new environment in the sport (with new rules).

But until this past week during testing in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), its prospects in sending the team to the top, was only in theory and in simulators.

Fast-forward to today, and its clear that Oakley Motorsports-backed Ferrari is in the driver’s seat – with Fernando/Kimi revealing the new program’s potential.

It didn’t take long for the Finnish star to establish his presence as a part of his ‘old team’ in Spain.

Kimi set top lap times and topped the overall time sheets in the first day of testing the brand new, complicated car.

Despite the new type of engine and nothing but some simulator tests leading up to Jerez, he made his immediate mark with 31 set laps and a best time of 1:27.104 ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Nonetheless, he contends that it means little as the team and drivers are in a constant rush to become more intimate and get to know the new machine.

“It’s just the first day, there is still a long way to go,” he said in Jerez. “Lap times don’t mean anything, I was just learning about the car. We have started ok.”

Of course, tests only tell a massively small part of the story. And this season, with a dream brand, a dream staff and a dream team of drivers, Scuderia Ferrari will be looking for nothing less than a Championship in two categories.

Keep your eye on Kimi and Fernando as they continue to prepare for what’s poised to be an epic season in Formula 1 – complete with the unveiling of what can only be seen as some epic collaborative projects between Oakley and Ferrari!


Andrew De Lara


February 03, 2014

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