Forza Fernando! Formula 1 Superstar Alonso Poised to Charge for Title With New Ferrari F138 and ‘Olympic-Level Physical Training’


It’s indisputable. Fernando Alonso’s stunning performances were the most impressive of the 2012 Formula 1 season. Even with a car that most agreed was not the fastest on the grid.

Racking up shocking victories with his sheer talent and skill, Oakley’s two-time World Champion was on the brink of his third – even with his team’s sluggish start to the 2012 year.

But charging into the 2013 season with Scuderia Ferrari’s newly designed F138 car, the international superstar driver is more than glowing with optimism.

As he should be.

The Spanish phenom – armed with Ferrari’s latest, bleeding edge technical masterpiece – is poised to come out of the gates like a bat out of hell.

Testing was undoubtedly positive this past week or so on his home turf in Barcelona – with Fernando clocking the second fastest lap time of the winter on the final day of the last pre-season test at 1:20.494.

All throughout testing, however, he was cautiously optimistic – well aware of the fierce competition coming from the usual suspects on the Grid, as well as teams that have been making strides.

“We have improved certain aspects of the car compared to last year, but we still need to improve in breaking and tire wear,” Fernando said. “This year until we actually get to a circuit, we won’t know whether there will be two or more pits-tops in a race.”

Nonetheless, despite his careful choice of words, the ‘2012 Driver of the Year’ (as voted by the Formula 1 Team Principals) is as confident as ever.

And to complement Scuderia’s advances in the car itself, Fernando, a great athlete in his own right, is in tiptop physical shape: Ready and willing to take on the rigors and forces of the Formula 1 season in top form.

The bold Spaniard engaged in a massively intense training regimen with the team – reportedly “ a focused physical preparation worthy of the best Olympic athlete.”

With a schedule lined with 936km bike, 91km run, eight hours of swimming, seven hours of gym training and 14 hours of various sports activities (including ski, tennis, soccer, etc.) every week, there’s absolutely no doubt that this driver isn’t just a ‘driver.’

And with that mentality – Fernando, who few can argue is the premiere racer in Formula 1 when it comes to sheer talent – can do nothing more than to warn his rivals.

“Last year was the best year of my career and I was very happy with the performance, but I think this year will be better,” he said. “We have a better starting point, and I have learned from some mistakes of last year. You can improve always as a driver in terms of tire management, and in terms of preparation approach for the grand prix…The trust, confidence and motivation are better than any other year and pit stop wise, with starts – all these things, we are constantly learning.”

Add in his recent honor of being named a cultural ambassador for Spain by his nation’s Royal Family, and Fernando is poised to deliver a massive dose of ferocity on the track for Ferrari, FIAT Group (parent company), Oakley and España.

“I have prepared better; I am better than last year.”