Oakley’s Ryan Dungey Wins Supercross Race in St. Louis


Oakley’s Ryan Dungey, won his fifth AMA Supercross class main event of the 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, season at the Edward Jones Dome in front of 59,882 fans.

It was privateer Nick Wey who won the Spike Holeshot Award to start the AMA Supercross class main event. While Oakley’s Ryan Dungey and Honda Racing’s Davi Millsaps made their way through turn one in second and third respectively. Oakley’s Dungey moved into the lead on the first lap to secure the lead as Oakley’s teammate Ryan Villopoto secured second place on lap two and started to chase down Dungey.

On lap nine, while trying to pass Dungey, Villopoto caused the two of them to crash. When the two Oakley stars remounted Villopoto moved into the lead and Dungey re-started in third. After recapturing second place, Dungey set chase on Villopoto, but on lap 11 Ryan Villopoto suffered a horrific crash and was unable to return to the race. Dungey held on for the win.

“It got really hectic out there tonight,” said Dungey. “I had a great start so that was a huge help. We worked really hard this week to come out here in St. Louis prepared. It’s unfortunate that Ryan (Villopoto) crashed. I hope he is ok.”

Oakley’s Ryan Villopoto who was in the title chase suffered a season ending crash in Saturday night’s race while leading. Villopoto was transferred to the hospital where he underwent surgery to reset a severely broken Tibia and Fibula. Villopoto will undergo a second surgery in about 5-6 days to get the breaks plated and screwed. This injury will have the Motocross favorite out for pretty much the rest of the 2010 racing season.

Oakley’s Ivan Tedesco also suffered a bad spill in the night’s action and suffered a collapsed lung and five broken ribs. Ivan will be sidelined for an indefinite period of time.

With the misfortunate turn of events for fellow Oakley teammate Ryan Villopoto in Saturday night’s race. Oakley’s Ryan Dungey will pretty much lock the 2010 Supercross world championship up in next week’s Seattle Supercross event with a good result. This will make Ryan Dungey only the second rider in history to capture the Supercross Championship title in his rookie year. This was only done one other time in history and it was by the legendary Jeremy McGrath who was also an Oakley athlete at the time.

AMA Supercross Class Results: St. Louis
1. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki
2. Kevin Windham, Centerville, Miss., Honda
3. Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda
4. Nick Wey, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki
5. Chad Reed, Tampa, Fla., Kawasaki
6. Justin Brayton, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha
7. Michael Byrne, Park City, Utah, Yamaha
8. Kyle Chisholm, Valrico, Fla., Yamaha
9. Davi Millsaps, Murrieta, Calif., Honda
10. Tommy Hahn, Alvord, Texas, Suzuki

AMA Supercross Class Season Standings
1. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki, 302
2. Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, Wash., Kawasaki, 266
3. Josh Hill, Carlsbad, Calif., Yamaha, 225
4. Kevin Windham, Centerville, Miss., Honda, 223
5. Davi Millsaps, Murrieta, Calif., Honda, 215
6. Justin Brayton, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha, 191
7. Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha, 183
8. Nick Wey, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki, 159
9. Tommy Hahn, Alvord, Texas, Suzuki, 139
10. Kyle Chisholm, Valrico, Fla., Yamaha, 136