Ricky Carmichael Adds Another Record to the History Books


Oakley’s James Stewart was on his game this weekend at Millville, at least in practice. But it was the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time), Oakley’s Ricky Carmichael who once again showed what it takes to be a champion. Bubba Coming off of his win at Washougal, was putting in practice times a full two seconds faster than RC Sunday morning. Stewart was making it look like it was going to be an easy sweep for the young Oakley star, as he took the early lead in the first moto. RC once again dealt with another bad start, but by the third lap RC moved up to third behind Reed and Stewart. Stewart then pushed the front end going into a right hand sweeper and hit the soil. Following Stewart’s crash, Chad Reed’s bike started sounding like a Funny car going down the track but about 2,000 times slower (Chad’s Exhaust pipe broke) and hampered his motor performance allowing for an easy pass by RC. Bubba being the freak of nature that he is, got up off the ground took about 3 minutes starting his bike and re entered the race and started to slice and dice his way through the back markers. With only a short time left in the moto, Bubba caught the straggling Chad Reed and made the pass to claim second place in the moto while RC cruised to victory.

After a very gloomy day it happened the rain started to fall as we sat on the line anticipating the gate to drop for the ever so important Moto 2. When the gate dropped, Carmichael got the all-important hole shot in the torrential down pour. Bubba started around fourth and very quickly made his moves by the end of the fourth turn to second place. Stewart caught RC and the two sloshed around like pigs in the mud for about 3 laps until Bubba got stuck in a turn and fell over. This mishap gave RC all the breathing room he needed to be able to relax and focus on just staying up. Bubba however didn’t do that, he tried to make some charges back to the front which ended up costing him a few more mud samples, one of which had him stuck for a good 4 minutes. RC looking through his signature O-Frame goggles continued his dominating mud skills and went on to win the race and break yet another record. Not only did RC win the race he lapped the entire field, that’s correct RC will go down yet again in the history books for the first Motocross rider to lap the entire field in an outdoor MX professional event. Oakley’s old school legend Mark "The Bomber" Barnett did the same thing in 1981 but it was in the Motocross lites division. Davi Millsap’s finished fourth in moto one but was way back in moto two.

Round 8: (Oakley Athletes in Red)
Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
David Vuillemin (Yam)
Kevin Windham (Hon)
James Stewart (Kaw)
Mike Brown (Suz)
Travis Preston (Hon)
Josh Demuth (Hon)
Kyle Lewis (Hon), 129
Davi Millsaps (Hon)
Chad Reed (Yam)

Season Standings: (Oakley Athletes in Red)
Ricky Carmichael (Suz), 439
Chad Reed (Yam), 333
Kevin Windham (Hon), 293
Davi Millsaps (Hon), 289
Travis Peston (Hon), 257
James Stewart (Kaw), 243
David Vuillemin (Yam), 242
Nicholas Wey (Hon), 218
Tim Ferry (Hon), 191
Josh Demuth (Hon), 137


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August 12, 2006