Motor Sports Articles by Date

December 2013

  • Fast Forward: Kimi Raikkonen’s Return To Scuderia Ferrari Completes Oakley Team, Elevates Program


    Posted 7 months ago by Andrew De Lara

    They call him ‘Iceman’ for a reason (and it isn’t from his home country’s reputation for freezing weather). Kimi Raikkonen’s world-famous swagger, disdain for prying Formula One media questions and his Championship-tested skills on the track all contributed to his reputation as one of the most badass drivers anywhere. His storied career – lined with a tantalizing Formula One World Championship driving for Scuderia Ferrari and binders full of quotable and imitation-worthy scenarios highlighting his edgy personality – has captured the imagination of racing fans worldwide. But following a quick drop out of F1 for some quick stints in RallyCar (and even a short lived experiment in racing Camping Trucks in NASCAR), he returned to the big stage under the Lotus factory badge. Although his much-heralded return came with a win at Abu Dhabi in 2012, it became clear that he simply wasn’t on a team with a realistic shot at Championship contention. Then an old friend came knocking.

  • Foreshadowing: Juan Pablo Montoya’s Return to IndyCar is a Fresh Start


    Posted 7 months ago by Andrew De Lara

    The fact is, Juan Pablo Montoya is one of the most talented racers on the planet. Not many drivers throughout history can boast of wins in IndyCar, Formula One, CART and stock car racing (NASCAR). What’s more, JP is one of only two active demons behind the wheel that have claimed two legs of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’ – claiming victories in both the Indianapolis 500 and the ultra prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. If that’s not badass in itself, what is? But looking at the past few seasons in America’s beloved NASCAR series, it has been easy to forget that someone with as much international fame and pedigree has been gracing Sprint Cup’s ovals/tracks every week.

  • Through VR’s Lenses: Rossi’s Dazzing Monza Rally Show Finish


    Posted 7 months ago by Andrew De Lara

    He’s a legend. He’s Italian. And he’s got style for days. Yes, no matter how much closer ‘Father Time’ pulls Valentino Rossi toward the twilight of his simply legendary MotoGP career, one thing is certain: The Doctor has always and will always be a stylish competitor on whatever set of wheels he happens to be charging on. Exhibit O: The world famous Monza Rally Show. Year after year, the long-time Italian icon has gone head to head with some of the top RallyCar drivers on the planet at Monza (even though his forte has clearly been on two wheels, four wheel beasts come just as natural) – finishing in the Top Three several times (and topping the event last year), even against the likes of World Rally Champions like Sebastien Loeb.