On May 16th, 2007 at the Oakley Store in Paris, France Oakley organized an event around the new Oakley Ducati sunglass. The idea was to take advantage of Loris’ venue to France for the Le Mans Moto GP by putting on an event for the launch of the new Oil Drum Ducati Loris.

The French press and the general public where invited to meet Loris at the O Store Paris. Ducati lent a bike to the O Store, and we created a customized banner to create a Ducati special window. On the day of the event, the Ducati fans were invited to come to the store with their Ducati red bikes in order to “expose” them in front of the store.

The French press had the opportunity to meet Loris in an informal and cool atmosphere, and have one on one interviews. In addition a unique signing session was organized for the fans, where they fans were able to shoot photos with Loris and then print their pictures out directly on site for signing.

Several contests were organized for the fans to win tons of great prizes. The general feedback from everyone that attended the event was very positive.  Many enjoyed the informal aspect of the event and getting to meet Loris in a low key and cool environment.

This event highlights once more the strong impact of our athletes, the powerful and positive image it gives to Oakley, and really encourages us to do more events like this in the future.


Staff Writer


June 01, 2007