Ben Spiess’ Pre-Race-Preparation Secrets


Welcome to the very personal pre-race prep zone of Ben Spiess.

Riders changing rooms at Grand Prix Races are small and unspectacular. Boxy, sterile, seemingly empty. They are fitted inside the team’s trailer truck or at races outside of Europe in makeshift rooms close to the team pits. They need to be shipped in big crates from one race location to the next, along with all the rest of the team’s equipment and all the motorbikes.

Yet they provide the personal space and sanctuary that the rider needs to prepare for the next race, for the upcoming challenge.

Ben Spiess’ room is equipped with all the essentials he needs. Aside from his gear, such as several custom-fitted leather racing suits, racing shoes, helmets, back protections, gloves and the likes, you also find a massage table and a fitness bike for warm-up. There are custom-fitted and name-ID-labeled Oakley garments aside more surprising items such as mint-spray – which Ben certainly does not use against bad breath…

Ben Spiess, like most GP riders, takes his pre-race routine very serious. Checking all the protection equipment he uses when he is out on the track is part ritual. Besides the more obvious reason of the necessary safety precaution, this routine also helps him to create a smooth transition into riding mode. Clearing his mind of other thoughts and creating the right mindset to focus on the track, on riding, on winning.

Pre-race routine is very personal, and something only people very close to the MotoGP-riders ever get to see. In this very particular time of preparation, during this mental routine the next race might already be decided.

Follow Ben Spiess into his very personal pre-race preparation zone.

Ben Spies showing his changing room in Qatar from RD2, Inc. on Vimeo.


Marion Schmitz


June 18, 2012

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