Jorge Lorenzo Takes Poll at Laguna Seca


On the anniversary of our nation’s birth, Laguna Seca Raceway was full of electricity in the crowds and excellence on the track. After an intense practice session in the morning, qualifying for the Red Bull US Grand Prix MotoGP kicked off at 1:55pm PST with more then a few crashes.

Taking the initial pole position lead was Casey Stoner with his usual hammering runs around the course. But he was soon passed by six time world champion Valentino Rossi, and then by fellow Oakley Team Rider, Jorge Lorenzo.

The Spaniard would hold onto his lead qualifying time for a good twenty minutes of the one hour long session. Stoner would go into his pits to make a change that proved to be the difference maker as he promptly posted the first 1:21 time from the field. That time would hold for only one lap when Casey would break his own time by a tenth of a second.

Stoner’s time would stand up for about 15 minutes, but at the seven minute mark Lorenzo would beat Casey’s time again. And this time it would hold for the rest of qualifying, unfortunately Jorge stayed on course to try and top his time, which would cost him with a horrible crash by the corkscrew. Lorenzo was ejected from his bike and landed hard on his foot. At this time we still don’t know how he is doing, but hope to have an update soon.

Stoner would fall to third overall in qualifying as he too would crash by the corkscrew with only five minutes left. Good news is Casey looks to be okay, but none too stoked as he is also battling a virus. Fellow Oakley and Ducati Team Rider Nicky Hayden also crashed on course as did several other riders during the afternoon qualifying session.

Team Oakley Qualifying Rank:

Lorenzo 1st
Stoner 3rd
Dovizioso 5th
Hayden 8th
Vermeulen 9th
Capirossi 10th