American Allison Jones Earns Country’s First Podium Spot In 3000m C1-C3 Pursuit


American Allison Jones is no stranger to the pressure of competition at he Games. In her sixth career appearance on the grandest scale in sports, Jones secured the first podium position for the United States in London with her third place finish in the women’s 3000m C1-C3 Pursuit event in the London Velodrome. She defeated German’s Denise Schindler with a time of 4:27.793 in the third place race. This was the sixth podium finish of her career with two first place finishes, three second place finishes and her most recent third place achievement.

“I am so excited,” Jones said. “It was great to see my name on the board and to see my country’s flag being raised. It was also great to know that everyone here was cheering for all of us.”

Jones was so ecstatic over her podium spot, she let out multiple screams on the track and during interviews that made most of the spectators take notice of the American cyclist. With a packed house of over 6000 people there to watch the cycling action, Jones used the noise and energy level to her advantage.

“I knew when the crowd got louder that I was gaining on her (Schindler), she said. “The crowd was behind me and I knew I could do it.”

Jones will also compete outside of the track in the individual C1-3 time trial on September 5th. Congratulations to Allison on an amazing accomplishment and on her newest addition to an already impressive resume.

In related news, Jody Cundy of Australia placed third in the C4 Individual Pursuit event, inside the Velodrome.


John Ohail


August 31, 2012