Windsurfing: Dorian Van Rijsselberge of Netherlands Triumphs in London RS:X, Poland’s Przemyslaw Miarczynski Takes Third


Winning six of the first nine Windsurfing RS:X races pretty much means utter domination.

And that was exactly the case with the Dorian Rijsselberge, the Dutch charger who dropped into the Finals in London with a Title all but guaranteed.

Needing only to stay on his boat and finish the event, the man from the Netherlands soared his way to victory over the waves to officially and emphatically claim his hardware.

“It was already in the pocket, but finishing it up like this and seeing everyone on the Course and them outroaring the British a little bit was a good thing for me, so why not?” Dorian said. “I want to have a good feeling and I want to wrap it up nicely. It’s the finals race and you’ve got to race it. It’s the most important race, pretty much.”

It was a bittersweet moment in what could very well be the very last Windsurfing competition to grace the Summer Games.

With the sport set to be replaced by Kite Surfing, Dorian was one of the many athletes with mixed emotions on his own success in London – and the end of an era.

“Of course it’s a sad thing,” he said. “Look at all the people here. Everyone is enjoying themselves. They come off the water with smiles on their faces.”

Not able to steal any momentum from the Dutchman and the host team, Great Britain, Poland’s Przemyslaw Miarczynski finished in third place position to round out the podium.
“This medal is proof, to me, that dreams can come true,” said Miarczynski, who competed in the last three Summer Games. “Faith works miracles.”


Andrew De Lara


August 10, 2012