Men’s Sprint Cycling: Shane Perkins Brings A Third Place Prize From London Down Under


Australian Sprint Cyclist Shane Perkins added another trophy to his illustrious collection on Monday. Not only is he the world champion in the kerin and team sprint cycling, he now claims a third place victory in London in the Men’s Sprint Cycling competition. The Aussie beat Trinidad’s Nijsane Phillip 2-0 in the third place race. England’s Jason Kenny took top billing as he downed Frenchman Gregory Bauge 2-0. Bauge has previously beaten Perkins in the semi-final round, sending the Aussie into the third place competition against Phillip.

Perkins’ win not only came with great satisfaction for him personally, he also made history for a very proud nation of Australia. With his victory on Monday, Perkins became the first Australian rider to win an individual cycling top-three finish.

In the final match against Phillip, Perkins timed his attack perfectly. He waited patiently as Phillip rounded the trap. On the last lap, Perkins shot up high, rocketing himself down on the inside in perfect position for a sprint finish. Perkins’ move eventually put him across the line ahead of Phillip, earning him the top prize in the third place race.

“Obviously the racing tonight shows me the form’s there,” Perkins said of his outstanding performance in London. “Having the races tonight and a few of the wins under the belt are going to give the confidence to go out there and do my best.”

Following his victory in the London Velodrome, Perkins rushed over to his family in the stands. He hugged and kissed his wife Kristine in a very emotional exchange. It was Perkins’ first trip to the big stage and he had come home with a top-three finish for his country. It was more than he expected, but he was also more than delighted about the results.

“The crowds have been great, I’ve really enjoyed myself,” Perkins said about the emotional scene following his win. “To see my team-mates up on the bend was great and when I get home I’ll be thanking them for all their help and support.”


John Ohail


August 10, 2012