Heartbeat of the Safehouse: The Custom Bar

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The first thing guests see as they climb the stairs entering the Oakley Safehouse (after all the glorious food in the café that is) is the towering Custom Product Bar in front of them. This is the heartbeat of the Safehouse. The place where all the magic is made.

With 67,000 eyewear components for 11 different performance frames in 18 custom colors and over 20 different lenses, the options are almost overwhelming. For the Jawbone frame alone, there are over 387 million different custom combinations that can be created if you can think of them.

Staffed by a team of six of Oakley’s sharpest O Lab technicians the custom bar services over 150 athletes per day. They offer one-on-one service to personalize the experience and build custom glasses that not only look great, but address each athlete’s specific performance needs.

As if these guys aren’t among the hardest working teams in the Safehouse, we decided to put them to the ultimate test: The Oakley Custom Build Off.

We divided them into two teams, they competed in three heats and we crowned one team a champion. Check out the video below to see how it all played out.


Elishia Matta


August 06, 2012