The Building of the London Oakley Safehouse


Two years ago – when the Summer Games were a faint thought in the minds of most – Oakley Performance Sports Director Cuan Petersen was already beginning to sketch plans for the largest, most elaborate Oakley Safehouse in the brand’s history.

A former triathlete, trained architect and true Oakley loyalist Cuan is the mastermind behind what some athletes are calling “absolutely amazing.”

The purpose of the Safehouse is to create a comfortable, safe environment in which athletes can come to kick back, relax, get a good meal and hang with their Oakley family.

The Safehouse features a full service kitchen, custom product bar, 120 sq. ft. of video walls for the best viewing experience this side of the Thames and an incredible view of London’s famed Tower Bridge.

The London Design Museum was an obvious choice not only for it’s supreme location, but because of it’s shared affinity for design and innovation. The result of 720 days of planning was built by an eight-man crew in just 10 days. Everything from furniture and flooring to eyewear components and gift bags were shipped in five forty-foot containers, which made the journey across the pond in record time.

Months were spent searching for the right partners and innovators to bring the Safehouse vision to life. Only brands that shared in Oakley’s dedication to quality and iconic style were brought in to create a space that complimented and extended the Oakley and the Museum’s celebration of design and innovation.

The transformation from a virtual blank slate to what athletes, coaches, media and a few lucky guests see today is a sight you have to see to believe – which is why we captured the building of the London Oakley Safeshouse from start to finish for your viewing pleasure.