Javier Gomez Noya, Oakley Women Shine In First Ever ITU World Triathlon Series Cape Town

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Cape Town, South Africa saw something new this past weekend as it welcomed the stars of the ITU World Triathlon Series to it’s landscape for the first time in the series’ history. What wasn’t new was the outcome of both the men and women’s races. For the second straight time in the 2014 season, Oakley’s Javier Gomez Noya and Jodie Stimpson stood atop their respective podiums. The Spanish phenom, Gomez broke away from his main rival Jonathan Brownlee during the final portion of the run to win by a 19 second margin. While Stimpson overcame fellow Brit, Helen Jenkins by just seven seconds for her second consecutive WTS victory.

It’s been a reoccurring theme in recent years to see the trio of Spain’s Javier Gomez Noya and the Brownlee brothers (Jonathan and Alistair) gracing the various WTS podiums, in a variety of orders. With older brother Alistair out due to injury, it’s been a two-man race recently with Jonny and Javier duking it out in both Cape Town and previously in the Auckland season opener. In both competitions, The Spaniard reigned supreme, with Brownlee, 24, hot on his heels.

While he won in convincing fashion in New Zealand a few weeks prior, Gomez admitted that it wasn’t as easy this time around in South Africa, pulling away roughly half way through the run.

“I didn’t feel very fresh,” said Gomez. “I think we all were pretty tired. I had heavy legs, but I just went as hard as I could on that third lap and I could make this little gap with Jonathan. Luckily, I could commit. I just didn’t look back and went as hard as I could."

Russia’s Dmitry Polyanskiy rounded out the men’s podium, while Spain’s Mario Mola placed fourth.

ITU World Triathlon Series Cape Town
Swim 1.5k / Bike 40k / Run 10k

Results – Elite Men

1. Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:44:52
2. Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) 1:45:11
3. Dmitriy Polyanskiy (RUS) 1:45:35
4. Mario Mola (ESP) 1:45:44
5. Richard Murray (RSA) 1:45:57

On the ladies side Saturday, the Oakley Women were out in full force, taking every spot on the podium. Echoing the men’s repeat performance, Britain’s Jodie Stimpson backed up her win a few weeks ago in New Zealand, storming away to the victory in Cape Town as well. Two-time ITU World Champion Helen Jenkins didn’t make it easy for Stimpson, pushing her to the finish. But in the end, Stimpson had just enough to edge Jenkins, who took second and the even speedier Gwen Jorgensen, who rounded out the all Oakley Women podium. Although the American took third place, she had the most impressive run on the day, making up a two minute, fifteen second deficit on the run to come within 22 seconds of the race winner, posting a 32:46 10k split.

“I had a stitch, but I just managed to hold on,” Stimpson stated. ”I tried to break [Jenkins] going into the last lap and then I couldn’t, so I just sat behind and I gave it all I’ve got."

ITU World Triathlon Series Cape Town
Swim 750m / Bike 40k / Run 10k

Results – Elite Women

1. Jodie Stimpson (GBR) 1:46:11
2. Helen Jenkins (GBR) 1:46:18
3. Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 1:46:33
4. Sarah Groff (USA) 1:47:11
5. Ainhoa Murua (ESP) 1:47:54

With their victories in Cape Town, both Gomez and Stimpson lead their respective WTS season standings. The next races take place May 17-18 in Yokohama, Japan.