ONE HUNDRED: Mark Cavendish Wins Stage 12 of Giro d’italia Marking His 100th Professional Race Victory

Cycling: 96th Tour of Italy 2013 / Stage 12

“If there’s a book written about the history of great riders in cycling, I want to be in it. I want to be in that list of great riders. That’s what I want.”

That was what The Manx Missile, Mark Cavendish told us last December when he visited Oakley World Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California. As if he needed anymore help, Cavendish further cemented his name in that very book of all-time great riders today. Already one of the greatest sprinters to ever live, Cavendish won Stage 12 of the 2013 Giro d’italia, his third of the race and his astonishing 100th of his career. Crediting his team with the reason he secured the victory today, Cavendish completed the rainy 134km stage from Longarone to Treviso in a time of 3:01:47 to collect his milestone victory.

“We left it right to the end, Cavendish said. “We were a minute down with 10km to go, and it was a hard circuit in the rain. It’s my 100th win. What a beautiful way to do it.”

Some of Cavendish’s most notable accomplishments, leading up to his 100th career professional victory, include his record 23 career Tour de France sprint victories from 2008-2012, 13 individual Giro d’italia stage victories, winning Milan-San Remo in 2009 and many, many more.

With so many memorable stage victories in Cavendish’s repertoire, almost too many to fully analyze, we’re taken back again, to some of the things the Omega Pharma Quick Step rider told us during a visit to our offices. Looking back on some of the things Cavendish said and how they continue to resonate in the present, more specifically when he repeatedly secures milestone career victories, is important to take his words to heart when examining this true cycling champion.

When asked what pushes him to go “Beyond Reason,” or to how he continues to be the awe-inspiring cycling legend that he is, Cavendish had the following to say:

“You can’t get by on talent, you know? Cycling is such a tough race. The person who wins is generally the person who’s done the most work and the most preparation for it. I’m a perfectionist. I go to every little detail to squeeze out every little bit of performance. That’s where that extra percent comes from.

If you try and eliminate all the things that can make you fail, you’re going to have a better chance of winning and most of the time, you’ll come out on top.”

It is undeniable at this point that Mark Cavendish stands by what he believes in. To win a stage in a professional road cycling race, in today’s day and age, is nothing short of impressive. The talent, the equipment and the sure brilliance of today’s riders make the sport obtainable to only the cream of the crop. To win 100 of those very professional stages is nothing short of something legendary. Just as the champion himself stated, Mark Cavendish puts in the work and preparation that make him the perfectionist and the icon that he is today. With his newly earned hallmark victory, the proof is never clearer. Mark Cavendish is a name that will be written in that very book he spoke of earlier, and not just once. The Manx Missile’s name will most likely be a prominent figure on the cover, on the back and everything in between.

The Oakley family couldn’t be more proud of Cavendish for his newest milestone and would like to send their most sincere congratulations. It has been a pleasure being a part of such a record-breaking career and we look forward to even more momentous occasions throughout his sure-to-be remarkable future.