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July 2012

  • London 2012: A Week In Photos


    Posted about 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Check out some of the best photos from our first week of competition here in London. There have been some awesome images from around the city and inside the Oakley Safehouse at the Design Museum in London. Be sure to view some of the best of the best…

  • Sprint Finish: Lizzie Armitstead Lands a Second Place Finish in the Women’s Road Race

    Olympics / Cycling: Women Road Race

    Posted about 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The morning dawned on day two in London with more uncharacteristic sunshine and the promise of a spectacular women’s road race on the horizon. That promise was upheld by the 66 riders representing 35 different countries across all 140-kilometers of the grueling race, the weather however, was a different story. Adding to intensity of this fiercely competitive field, the weather took a turn for worst leaving riders to contend with hearty wind gusts and pelting rain while navigating the already perilous course.

  • Air Pistol: South Korea’s Jin Jong-Oh Triumphs in 10m at London’s Royal Artillery Barracks


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    It almost looked too easy for Jin Jong-Oh. South Korean Air Pistol shooter who charged into the 10m Finals with a four-point lead and sealed the deal with a 688.2 score at the Royal Artillery Barracks in London. Just 6.9 points shy of the World Record, Jong was challenged only by Italy’s Luca Tesconi and Serbia’s Andrija Zlatic, who claimed the second and third spots, respectively.

  • Seven Straight: South Korean Women Claim Women’s Archery Victory in London


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    South Korea’s Archers continue their long-standing domination. At least on the feminine side. The women’s team topped China in the final at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, claiming their seventh straight team title with 210 points from their 24 arrows. Ki Bo-Bae, Lee Sung-Jin and Choi Hyeon-Ju tipped their country to the win by a single point as the contest came down to a single arrow to determine the victor.

  • Shootout: Danka Bartekova of Slovakia Claims Shooting Third After Dramatic Finish in London


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Shooting is one of the original sports of the modern summer games, which has grown from just three shooting events in 1896 to include 15 disciplines today. This summer 390 athletes from more than 100 countries will participate in shooting events at the Royal Artillery Barracks in London.

  • Alexandr Vinokurov and Rigoberto Uran Take First and Second In Men’s London Road Cycling Race


    Posted about 2 years ago by John Ohail

    In a wild day of cycling in London, Kazakhstan’s Alexandr Vinokurov took the top spot on the men’s road cycling podium, followed closely behind by Columbia’s Rigoberto Uran. Vinokurov bettered his 3rd place finish in 2000 with his top performance today in London. While he was planning retirement following the 2012 season already, Vinokurov was more than happy to win the biggest race of his career during its final moments. Team Great Britain, who was considered a heavy favorite in the race, controlled the front of the peloton most of the day, but didn’t have enough in the end to top Vinokurov and the rest of the riders in front of them. The United States’ Taylor Phinney, finished just outside of podium position in fourth place.

  • Designed to Win: Oakley Technology Showcased at London Design Museum, Celebrated As Revolutionary Design For Sport Through History


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    More than 600 patents in technology and design. Countless man hours in research, development and engineering. Absolute science wrapped in art. A Formula 1 racecar? Maybe a revolutionary performance bicycle? Think again. To the average consumer, it’s not completely apparent – at first – that when glancing upon a pair of Oakley eyewear, they’re looking at a true technological innovation. And when visiting Oakley’s stunning Safehouse for its 700+ athletes competing in the Summer Games, just one floor below in the London Design Museum’s basement, it would surprise even more people to find Oakley’s creations displayed alongside some of the most revolutionary creations for sports performance throughout history. As a part of the museum’s “Designed to Win” exhibit, which explores ways in which design has shaped the sporting world (coinciding with London’s biggest year of sport), Oakley’s sparsely-acknowledged contributions are stunningly revealed.

  • The Safest House in London: An Introduction to Oakley's Athlete Safehouse


    Posted about 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Oakley takes great pride in its newest brand campaign – “Beyond Reason.” There is no greater proof of this than the Oakley Safehouse built to host the best athletes the world has to offer. London is teaming with media, fans and other distractions that could potentially hinder an athlete’s performance and experience during their preparation for competition. Oakley has gone to extraordinary measures to provide a safe haven for athletes to relax and feel at home in the midst of one of the most hectic times in their career. The 10,000 square foot safehouse, built inside the London Design Museum on the south bank of the Thames River, is the embodiment of Beyond Reason and Oakley’s commitment to its athletes.

  • Hell-O London! Oakley Kicks-Off the Summer Games with a Beyond Reason Event at the London Safehouse


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Hordes of passerbys walking along the River Thames, approaching London’s majestic Tower Bridge during the Games, can’t help be notice a stunning, crystal-like sculpture on the walkway. With alternating, glowing colors illuminating the object – reminiscent of a water drop forming (but not yet dropped) – it’s only apparent after a closer look that the piece of art is, in fact, built completely of clear Frogskin sunglasses. At that moment it is undeniable that the brand’s contagious passion for innovation and excellence has invaded the UK’s grand capital. Serving as a welcome to Oakley’s stunning Athlete Safehouse, housed in the London Design Museum, the sculpture is a clear symbol of the brand’s unique design and culture. The night before the Games officially got underway, Oakley invited select media in for a coveted first hand experience of just that.

  • London 2012: Photos of the Week


    Posted about 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Oakley has hit the ground running in London. After years of planning, the Oakley Safehouse has come to life in the Design Museum on the River Thames. Check out some of the best photos of the sights and sounds of London as we prep for the upcoming competition.