Police Escorts, BBQ & Pit Crew Views


Indy Race Day started out with a gloomy 6:00 am wake up call for the Rolling Lab crew, which ran straight into race day traffic. Since the gate’s open up sometime around 4:00 am, the locals had the jump on us and right out of the gate we ran into grid lock traffic. We were about to drop the ball, when with around 12 traffic lights to go and no way we were going to make it on time, Ryan pulled a couple of strings with one of the local state police officers. This ended up in a full police escort, right through the front gates. Later the officer told us that his help probably saved us about three hours in traffic.

The rain broke long enough for grille master John Trask to fire it up and get started on a variety of ribs, sausages, burgers, and dogs. During the barbeque we had the race blasting on all five of the Rolling O Lab’s plasma TVs!

Todd Hayes from Oakley Sports Marketing delivered the goods through his veteran hook ups along with local favorite Torch; by getting Ryan Evert, Arron Nowlin, and Mark Shonka a few hours right on the track and race pits. The time spent with Scott Dixon and his amazing crew allowed Mark to get some unbelievable video and the boys to get up close and personal with the true magic of Indy Race Day. To top that off with the jets flying over during the national anthem, the classic “Gentleman start your engines” and BreAunna with her crew of Jim Beam girls, we felt like we got the full race day experience.

But even with all the great hook ups, no one could stop the rain. The race was called and the crew began the 4 hour breakdown of the lab in an almost torrential down pour. With almost a week of set up, questionable weather and one of the roughest break downs ever, it was all worth it.

All of us at Oakley and the Rolling Lab want to send our love to Donnie and his crew at the Rolling O; we wish you the best and thanks for all the help. We also wanted to give a big thanks to everybody that came out, Joe Green, David Sajdak, Mark Shonka, Matt Murray, Todd Hayes, Brianne “da” Weezy, Scott Betty, and Diane Thibert. THANKS!

Check out the video as well – click here