Indy 500 Oakley Media Day


This past Friday morning started out with many items still needing to get lined up for the big media day at the Indy 500. Brianne DeWeese, Diane Thibert, Rob Goodman, Scott Betty, Ryan Evert, The Rolling O Lab Crew, myself and several area reps prepared the stage, posters, racing wear demo and 75 media gift bags for the afternoon’s event. The media gift bags consisted of several amazing gifts, including the Radar Media Package, Oakley Limited Edition Indy 500 ball caps and other Oakley products.

Brianne and Rob headed back over to the media tent around noon to hand the last remaining VIP badges, while the rest of lined up the remaining items. The food and beverages rolled in around 2pm along with some clouds, getting a little worried we brought in some of the posters. By 3pm the sun came back out and the Historical Indy Car Tent started up several of their cars to a loud and raucous applause from the large crowds. Many of us were impressed that some of these cars could still start never mind speed off down the course.

3:30pm came and the Rolling O Lab was swarmed with seventy plus media representatives and many Oakley fans. The event started out with Rob introducing the Brand, the Rolling O Lab, recent eyewear launch, racing equipment demo and our top invited guests. Oakley was proud to have Scott Dixon (2003 IRL Champion), Al Unser Jr (Two Time Indy 500 Winner) and Al III on hand to speak to their support of Oakley. Scott Dixon sported the brand new Nano Wire sunglasses, to which Ryan Evert, Rolling O Lab Manager un-officially stated might be one of the best sunglasses Oakley has ever made to legitmize our polarized campaign. Dixon spoke to his strong belief in the Oakley products and after watching Scott Betty’s “Carbon X” fabric demo, said he was now a believer in our racing apparel as well. Al Unser Jr. answered several media reps questions and stated he was extremely proud to be a part of the Oakley team for over 20 years.