Powering Up: Will Power Triumphs at IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama, Dixon and Franchitti Round Out Podium


Ask Will Power about last year’s Grand Prix of Alabama. He’ll tell you he dominated every part of the race…except for the winning part.

But this year, there was no such short coming as Oakley’s star IndyCar driver powered his way to a resounding win from the start to the tail end of the event – finishing 3.38 seconds ahead of fellow Oakley drivers Scott Dixon (2nd) and Dario Franchitti (3rd), the defending IndyCar Champion.

“I can’t think of a race where I’ve been so cool, so physically fine and where I had everything go so right,” Power said, rockin’ his Oakley eyewear.

So right, in fact, that he became the first IndyCar driver since 2009 to stay up front for the entire stretch. O’s Franchitti was the last to do it in Sonoma.

His near flawless race powered him up to the top of the Championship Standings. Power has also earned pole position at nine of the previous 10 road and street races – further displaying his sheer talent.

But despite the brilliant racing, there was but one other driver out on the track that really challenged through the race. O’s Scott Dixon – who had a slight issue with some crowding that took place – gave will all he could handle, but in the end, Power likely would not have been caught.

“I think the rule is you can be anywhere on the track after the start/ finish line,” he added. "It’s as simple as that, and that’s what they told us. If they had told me something over the radio, I would have helped him (Dixon) out there. But he took a big weave at me. The fans love a bit of friction between the drivers and I gave him one back.”

Congratulations to Will, Scott and Dario for an intense and successful race in Alabama!