At the young age of five Gustavo Menezes got his first taste of speed when he stepped into a Go Kart in Southern California. It quickly grew into something that he would commit to and begin chasing his ultimate dream of one day becoming a Formula 1 driver.

Throughout the next few years Gustavo competed throughout the United States on some of the highest levels in the nation. In 2006 Gustavo Stepped into the American division of Italian Factory team Tonykart and saw his way to compete in Europe in 2007.

From there on Menezes competed throughout Europe and continued to gain experience where he raced at the highest level of the sport. In 2011 Gustavo took on a new quest in making the transition into junior formula cars and competed in the Star Mazda championship back in North America as well as some wild card races in the prestigious Formula Renault Eurocup Championship.

In 2012 Menezes returned to compete in a second year of the Star Mazda championship where he finished top ten in the Drivers Championship. Charging into 2013 is another big step in the 18 year old’s career as he returns to Europe to compete full time in the ATS F3 cup and has moved to England. On Gustavo’s off time he competes in Triathlons and Marathon events and is looking to Finish his third 70.3 Ironman in Miami on October 27th, 2013.

Q & A

  1. When did you turn pro?

    If this is considered Pro I would say Last year

  2. What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?

    First Star Mazda Podium Iowa 2011, First american to win a Kart race in Europe in a Decade 2009/2010

  3. If there’s one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    Talkative, Active, Outgoing, Quick, Aggressive

  4. Word Association:

    • Fun= Speed • Vision= Sexy Oakleys • Friend= Connor Sheppard and Gustavo #2 • Foe= All other drivers on track • Greenhouse= Whats that Dude? HaHa • Gas= Unleaded Please ;)

  5. When did you first start riding/racing? Where/why?

    When I was 5 years old I began Kart Racing. It all Began in Riverside, CA I was addicted to Race cars since I was a baby and that's all I wanted to do in life!

  6. If you weren’t ripping on the track or dirt, what kind of menial task would you want to do?

    I would still be an adrenaline junkie, probably cycling and screwing around with anything else with an engine that goes fast.

  7. If you had to date one person who would it be: Pamela Anderson after Tommy Lee, Snookie from Jersey Shore or your mom in the past like Michael J. Fox from Back to the Future?

    None of the above, add Megan Fox to the list and we can talk.

  8. If you had to share a bathroom with one Oakley rider/driver, who would it NOT be and why?

    Gustavo Yacaman! HAHA Been there done that! I don't know man, another Gustavo is too much for one bathroom, don't you think?

  9. Tell me a funny story about an Oakley rider/driver...(We’ll never tell)

    Too many to choose!

  10. Your Favorite…(Start with your favorite music artist or something):

    Would it impress any girls if I said Justin Bieber? Joking, there are way too many good songs but I Like remixes, like (Levels by Avicii). I want those Gold Shaun Whites, they are awesome.. Gold+Gold= INSANE

  11. Oakleys are…

    Legendary, Comfortable, Sexy, Always on my head!

  12. Best song to ride to:

    My Engine at 8000+RPM

  13. First thing you do when you get back from a trip is…

    Lay Down for about an hour, then hit up the beach or go for a good bike ride!

  14. A lot of Drivers never get to go to Prom, did you go, who did you take or who would you ask if you could go today?

    I never had the opportunity to go as I am always on the road, but that's a tough choice, can we have a celebrity appearance? I hope some hot singer reads this before I graduate ahahaha!!

  15. What is something that you wouldn't normally tell someone about yourself?

    I never hold back, I think people usually know all the details!

  16. Fist pumping? Head Banging? C-Walking? Or Funky Chicken? Which one? Or all of the above?

    ALL OF THE ABOVE with a gnarly smile and all! Only way to do it

  17. Dream vacation spot:

    Nitro City, Panama

  18. Would you rather get punched in the gut by Mr. T. or super roundhouse kicked in the face by Chuck Norris?

    It would be an Honor to get Super Roundhouse Kicked in the face By Chuck Norris

  19. If the most interesting man in the world wanted to take your girlfriend out would you let him?

    If You are so interesting, Go find another girl and slam the door on his face with a smile.

  20. What tricks are you working on?

    Going Faster and looking good while doing it hahaha.

  21. You’ve been mistaken for…

    Justin Bieber! Awkward!!

  22. Food…

    Ghetto Mexican and Brazilian food

  23. Taylor Swift or Myley Cyrus? Or if you prefer older, Megan Fox or Diane Kreuger?

    Tough choice! Miley and Taylor are more age appropriate, but I am happy with Megan too!

  24. Last words…

    You better buy some shades before leaving this site and follow me on Twitter, Dudes! @followgustavo

Gustavo Menezes


Nothing's impossible, boundaries are made to be broken, limits are made to be pushed...Perfect, is Good Enough...When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

Date of Birth:
September 19, 1994
Marina Del Rey, About 1 mile away from Venice Beach, It's crazy there!
SafetyPark, K1speed, K1RaceGear, CXC Simulations, GoPro, ISMseat, Tri Pacific, Newton Running
Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Indoor Karting, Snowboarding

Career Highlights

    • Race of Americas Winner 2007
    • Super Nationals Winner 03 and 04
    • Industrial Cup- Italy 4th.
    • Belgium First European win in FIA karting Championships
    • 5x National Champion Karting
    • Star Mazda Podium Iowa