How We Roll


Friday night kicked off with a bang as the Rolling O Lab was treated to a special dinner prepared by Kelly Kass, Ryan Evert’s good friend from Alaska. Being a renowned salmon chef, Kelly threw down with more cuts of salmon fish then any of us had seen ever. From dips, to fillets to seaweed wraps to baked stuffed salmon, if you could dream it up Kelly made it that night.

Full on salmon drinks and good times we headed to the private Oakley party where the real fun kicked in. Al Janc, Megan Pura, Garry Gant, Lauryn Doesburg, Phil Kenner and many others put together quite an event. The party was set on the grounds of an insane mansion in the greater Scottsdale area where a basketball hoop, tennis court, party tent with DJ and dance floor, numerous bars and the now infamous Oakley Custom Bar adorned the grounds.

“Our gracious host Phil Kenner was able to create an incredible setting for Oakley to host our Super Bowl / FBR party,” said Al Janc, Oakley Sports Marketing Golf Manager. “Where our best accounts and friends of the brand were able to meet and swap stories with athletes Charley Hoffman, Parker Mclachlin, Ricky Barnes, Trent Dilfer, Trent Edwards, Matt Hasselback and many more.”

Over 500 people partied well into the early morning tearing up the dance floor, conversing with athletes and playing a few games of H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court.

“The Oakley party Friday night rivaled anything in town,” commented Scott Olivet, Oakley CEO. “Employees, key accounts from around the country, professional athletes from many sports, pro sports team owners, agents, celebrities, and friends of the brand all gathered in a beautiful spot adorned with the latest and greatest eyewear, golf gear, and of course, an Oakley custom bar.”

When an NFL sports agent was asked why he decided to visit our party on a busy Super Bowl weekend, he said “I’ve always loved Oakley there is so much more energy here. Everything else is a little too stuffy.”