Fun In The Sun


The largest crowd in PGA Tournament history with just over 170,000 people soaked in the Arizona sun with their Oakley sunglasses the day before Super Sunday. With the best exposure to date for Oakley Golf, you could not walk the grounds of the TPC course without seeing Oakley branding. Continuing the tradition of sponsoring the Greenskeeper area and a VIP booth at the 16th hole, Oakley was additionally well represented by our golfers and Rolling O Lab being strategically positioned on the 18th fairway.

“The location this year for the Rolling O Lab was all-time,” stated Ryan Evert, Rolling O Lab Manager. “We honestly could not have asked for a better location than the 18th fairway.”

Fresh off the insane exposure of last week in Aspen, Oakley continued its domination with our golf and eyewear programs. Truly showcasing the depth of Oakley in the sports world, we switched gears from snow to golf in sunny Phoenix, Arizona this week. Although Oakley’s top head to toe golfer, Ryan Moore did not make the cut for the weekend, Oakley eyewear and product could be seen throughout the playing field and crowd attendees.

Oakley’s new golf campaign “We’re Playing Through” could be felt everywhere on course from logo banners to posters to the signature drink cups. Topping things off Oakley threw an insane party on Friday night for top accounts, reps, athletes and celebrities alike. On the grounds of the party were a basketball court, tennis court, dance club, numerous bars and mingling with people like Terrell Owens to Oakley reps from Hawaii.

Tomorrow will rap up FBR 2008 and the start of Oakley’s golf season, with another projected crowd of over 150,000 attendees, Oakley looks to continue to spread the word of our golf and superior optics stories. Make sure to catch the live coverage of the final round on CBS from 3pm to 6pm EST.