Skull Cup Final Round of Play

Let The Celebration Begin

Thursday was D-Day, the final round of play and what better format then match play to decide everything. The West Coast Team went into match play up a full point, but with how talented each player was on both sides it might as well have been tied.

Each player fueled up over another fabulous breakfast at the clubhouse while we waited for the frost hold let up. First grouping teed off at 10am with temps nearing 50, which seemed tropical in comparison to the day before.

Out walking the course with the teams to cheer them and provide some fun heckling were Oakley PGA Tour players Ricky Barnes and Parker McLachlin. Both of the fellows were truly impressed with the first Skull Cup competition from the layout, playing field and focus Oakley has put on golf.

Things started out hot for the East Coast as they took an early lead in five of the six player pairings and seemed to be primed to run away with the tournament. But the West Coast would scratch their way back to contention with insane play from Matt Hall who was playing out of his mind, saving the day by winning both the 17th and 18th hole.

By winning those last two holes it would come down to the final pairing on the final hole with Jaysen from the East Coast’s par putt for the championship. Before Jaysen would putt winning the roll it was heavily debated who was away, but after all four captains conveyed over the two balls on the green it was determined that Jaysen would roll first. To which the kid from Ohio would sink the putt to halve his match and earn the half point and the win for the East.

Not more than 12 hours before Jaysen rolled that putt in for the win he was knee deep in cold unfiltered sake haze, so to see him climb back from being four down against the Hawaiian Norman-Gagin was truly amazing.

From there the celebration began and the bubbly flowed and the West were gracious in defeat thanking their fellow East Coasters and offering up a challenge in 2012. Final Results below.

Inaugural Skull Cup 2011

East Coast (6 1/2 ) defeats West Coast (5 1/2 )


• Mark Kast (2-0-1)
Lands End Golf Club- Yantis, TX

• Clarence Bell (2-0-1)
Orange County National- Winter Garden, FL

• Craig Stevens (1-2-0)
Steel Canyon- Sandy Springs, GA

• Nate Olivo (1-1-1)
The Cliffs- Landrum, SC

• Brett Pittman (0-2-1)
Edwin Watts Wellington-Wellington, FL

• Jaysen Hansen (1-1-1)
Inverness Club- Toledo, OH

Captains: Derek Poling (Oakley S. Florida) Erik Tate (Oakley N. Florida)


• James Hochrine (1-2-0)
The Golf Club at Gainey Ranch-
Scottsdale, AZ

• Mark Sherman (1-2-0)
Green valley CC- Fairfield, CA

• Chris Smeal (1-2-0)
The Golf academy- San Diego, CA

• Matt Hall (0-1-2)
Turtle Bay Resort- Kahuku, Oahu, HI

• Ben Portie (3-0-0)
Heritage at Westmoore- Westminster, CO

• Ganin Asao (1-0-2)
Olomana Golf Links- Waimanalo, HI

Captains: Bobby Schultze (Oakley N. California) Jason Sakamoto (Oakley Hawaii)