Azuma Yano's First Victory


One of the O-Team’s “Hot Shot’s”, Azuma Yano(28) grabbed his 1st victory in the Asahi Ryokken Yomiuri – Memorial Open tournament which took place at Asoh Iizuka Golf Club (Fukuoka).

The very 1st victory in his 6th year as a pro, definitely came from his great concentration toward the game. On the final day, he shot 67 with 5 Birdie’s and no Bogey’s. At one point, 6 players were tied for first, but Yano overpower the others with his deep concentration and marvelous putting skills to keep a distance from the other competitors to win the trophy.

Luck has turned his way for this victory, or should we called “KAMIKAZE” a traditional Japanese saying. After he finished his round, strong showers, winds and rain hit the final group left on the green. Even mother nature took side on Yano, which we definitely believe to be the “Kamikaze”.

As everyone knows, Yano is the image of Oakley Golf. Like his motto, “to believe in oneself, not the other” he dislikes being stuck in some negative aspects of the Old and Traditional style in the game of Golf, which had been built-up in the past. Unlike the others, Yano takes part in other sports without any hesitation, including Oakley’s own “3S” (Surf/Skate/Snow) and X Sports game to enjoy and discover the different view point to the game of golf. He shares and demonstrates Oakley’s core philosophy of “Challenge” and “Creation” in his lifestyle, which has made him a special player to our team

When talking about Yano, his style could be metaphorically expressed as the “Kabuki-Mono”, an old saying from Edo-era meaning “the One of a Kind”. Always accept the “New and Fresh”, and just like the way of Samurai, very courageous in supporting others. Doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a losing game, always challenge and fight for one’s pride with great dignity. Yano strongly demonstrates this long-forgotten identity and the important spiritual concept of Japanese. And what’s so fascinating is that this young “Samurai” chose Oakley as a partner without any hesitation.

Item’s worn during the final round

  • Eyewear: Half Jacket (Camo Frame / XLJ Ti-Clear)
  • Apparel: (Tops) Western / Black (Bottom) Aie pant / Black
  • Shoes: Bow Tie (Waterproof / Black)
  • Accessory: Leather Skull Belt (Dark Red)


Staff Writer


November 06, 2005