Sweden's Henrik Stenson Talks About 110th US Open At Pebble Beach Golf Links


Recently Oakley sat down with Henrik Stenson about the forthcoming 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Northern California, which has the first practice round starting on June 14th. Here is what Stenson had to say about the challenging coastal golf course.

Among many of the players the US Open is considered to be the toughest Championship in the world. Of course with the presence of bad weather at the Masters and British Open, those majors can be more challenging, but seen over a longer period of time I think the US Open set up is the most demanding.

The courses at the US Open seem to be set up to actually exhaust the players! Thick heavy rough that you can be almost impossible to wedge out of at times, narrow fairways and rock firm greens guarded by rough and deep bunkers makes it a week that demands enormous patience and a players true “A” game.

A key factor seems to be the patience and fighting spirit over bringing a fantastic game for the week, however funny that might seem! Everybody ends up with missed shots and difficult lies, but the real test is all about how you handle yourself in these situations!

US Open at Pebble will be a first visit for me, and I am really looking forward to it. I have heard a lot about it and seen pictures and video from championships of the past. It will be a challenge, but a beautiful one at that.

For me, winning the US open would be huge! It would be my first Major and also Sweden’s first! (for a male golfer that is)

It would be a dream come true and I hope I can make it happen one day and why not at Pebble this year!


Matt Murray


June 08, 2010

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