Golf and Surf Collide in Hawaii


Two very different sporting cultures merged last night when the Oakley surf house on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii hosted over 30 LPGA players and their guests for a sunset BBQ and Oakley custom eyewear bar. Jason Sakamoto manned the eyewear bar where athletes were able to customize Flak jackets, Radars, and Endurings while Bill Craig rolled fresh sushi all night long. Oakley’s Kelley James kept the party hopping with his unique musical style with the beautiful Hawaiian sunset in the background. The girls tee-ed off today and after the first round Yani Tseng is in second place. She was interviewed on the golf channel with the custom flak jackets she made at the party following her round. Other players in attendance were Jimin Kang, Kristy McPherson, Sarah Jane Smith (all three apparel and eyewear ) Janice Moody, Rachel Hetherington, Candie Kung , Jill McGill, Lindsey Wright, Irene Cho, Russy Gulyanamitta, Vicky Hurst and many others. The tournament concludes on Saturday.