Hanging with Marty Hackel


Half Moon Bay Resort in Northern California is a gorgeous local, but when you throw in one of golf’s gurus it creates a win / win situation. To say Marty Hackel of Golf Digest and The Golf Channel tells it like it is would be the same as saying Tiger Woods is a decent golfer. Marty has a keen way to break things down in a very insightful, real and colorful fashion.

So, when Oakley found out Hackel would be coming out for our Golf Pro/Am NorCal Shootout to play some golf, check out the Fall 09 apparel and chat it up with Oakley’s top accounts, area pros, 2002 PGA Championship Winner Rich Beem and surf legend Jeff Clark we could not have been more excited.

Yesterday was Marty’s first full day with the Oakley crew at Half Moon Bay, and it was kicked off with a picturesque round of golf on the Old Course. Where Hackel discussed everything Oakley Golf and provided some really fantastic feedback on what he felt was working for the brand.

From there Marty was taken to the clubhouse and walked through the Oakley Fall 09 Apparel and Footwear line by Sales Manager, Toby Winters and NorCal Sales Rep, Bobby Schultze. Hackel really dug the patent leather golf shoe and gave them the big thumbs up, but also gave some very useful suggestions of how to spice up the line. Additionally, in typical Marty fashion, the upcoming apparel line was given his full attention and Winters was really glad to hear Hackel’s feeback.

Finally the day was capped off with a phenomenal dinner at Cetrella Bistro in Half Moon Bay where great stories and wine were shared. Today looks to be an epic one for the NorCal Shootout and with the Marty Hackel, Jeff Clark and Rich Beem in the house how could it not be… that’s right stay tuned.


Matt Murray


November 24, 2008

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