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Bubba Watson


Unconventional, incomparable, unprecedented: Bubba Watson is a name that stands alone on the PGA Tour and in popular culture in the present day. Watson’s unique southpaw style and exciting on-and-off the course demeanor has brought this down home southern boy from Bagdad, Florida, into international stardom. His style of play is exciting to watch and his personality is endearing to encounter. In summary, it’s hard to find another human being on this planet like Bubba Watson. As stated earlier, there’s just something about Bubba Watson that is hard to describe, hard to explain to the common person. He plays by his own rules and marches to the beat of his...

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Recent Golf News

  • Golf and Surf Collide in Hawaii


    Posted over 5 years ago by Megan Pura

    Two very different sporting cultures merged last night when the oakley surf house on the north shore of oahu hawaii hosted over30 lpga

  • Oakley's Hoffman, Na and Nitties Finish In Top Four at FBR Open


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    The future looks very bright for Oakley Golf in 2009 with another strong showing at the FBR Open. This year not only did the brand have a strong presence with two Rolling O Lab’s on-site, the greenskeeper area and VIP Box, but our golfers played very well.

  • Oakley's Nitties Grabs The Early Lead at The FBR Open


    Posted over 5 years ago by Matt Murray

    On a crystal clear Scottsdale morning the first round of the rowdy FBR Open kicked off in rare form for Oakley Golf. Firing on all cylinders, Oakley’s PGA Tour Rookie, James Nitties teed off in the 9am time slot and after the first six holes James was four under and well on his way to finishing six under. Nitties capped off the strong round with two birdies on the tough 17th and 18th holes.

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