FBR Open 2007


Oakley Golf and the new Rolling O Lab made a strong presence at this year’s FBR Open. The FBR Open is known for its unique and diverse crowds, ranging from college students to the Scottsdale elite, thus producing a great platform for Oakley to showcase its golf brand and first stop of the Rolling O Lab.

On the golf side, Oakley sponsored the infamous 16th Hole and Greenskeeper area, two of the heaviest traffic stops for all visiting spectators. The 16th hole of the FBR Open is infamous among PGA Tour holes as it offers a truly unique experience to both spectators and competitors alike. To say the crowd at this hole is rowdy would be a true understatement. The layout of the 16th hole is best described as a par three with stadium seating. The seating wraps around the tee box and along the fairway, with an equally rowdy crowd of people guaranteed to be surrounding the green. This hole is most widely known for Tiger Woods’ hole in one from a few years back, which resulted in all types of beverages and assorted items being thrown onto the course. Oakley’s iconic ellipse logo was strategically placed so that on almost every commentary camera angle it would appear just over the broadcaster’s shoulder. This strategy was well planned out, as a great majority of the coverage of the tournament focused around this unique hole.

Scottsdale has a very affluent community that enjoys the FBR Open every year on Super Bowl weekend, and the place to be and be seen is the Greenskeeper area. The Greenskeeper area was situated just a few hundred feet past the opening gates and initial booth set-ups. Swarming with local wealthy business people the Greenskeeper area is a sight to behold. Oakley had two large ellipse logos on the huge tents with continued logo usage on all the umbrellas, fencing and banners. Additionally, Greenskeeper passes sported the Oakley logo, serving as a walking advertisement on the many tournament attendees. The Greenskeeper area was officially marked as the Oakley hang out spot.

In addition to the great on course coverage, Oakley’s Al Janc and Casie Scorey, Sports Marketing Managers, invited select members of the golf and surrounding communities, as well as flying in several top accounts from around the country for nightly festivities at the Oakley Safe House and phat VIP Sky Box seats on the 16th hole! Great food and drinks were served up along with events such as Ricky Barnes’ pool party, complete with several cannonballs from Ricky himself throughout the night when no one was expecting them. This proved to be quite a good time for all in attendance and fit perfectly Oakley’s unique style of sport involvement when it comes to golf.

Another element adding to Oakley’s pronounced presence at the FBR Open was the premier of Oakley’s new Rolling O Lab, a mobile facility housing all of Oakley’s HDO testing Lab. The Lab was located between the 6th and 7th holes and received a good amount of foot traffic during the tournament on its inaugural voyage to Arizona. Most notably, golf great Johnny Miller came by the Lab and got a tour of the facility. To say the least, he was impressed not only with Oakley’s optics but also the Lab itself, stating, “Oakley’s got the right idea with this lab. I think it’s great.”

Aside from Johnny, several news crews as well as the general public walked through the Lab during its four days at the tournament, proving to be a successful first outing for the vehicle and its crew. People were definitely impressed by the spread the Lab has to offer, including the Sport Chassis and the hospitality trailer.

Overall, the week spent in Arizona was a fun-filled; Oakley inspired few days worth of golf. There could not have been a better tournament for us to have such a strong presence.

This could not have been possible if not for the dedicated sales force that helped out in every way possible. So, a big thank you goes out to Cliff Neil, Tom Faukner, Jim Flanagan, Yogi Ybarra, and huge props to Jocelyn Lemieux for an amazing job.

Oakley had the following golfers in the field at the FBR Open 2007:

Footwear, Apparel and Eyewear:

Eyewear Team:

  • Brian Davis
  • Heath Slocum
  • Brian Gay
  • Stephen Leaney
  • Kevin Na
  • Will Mackenzie
  • Charley Hoffman
  • Dean Wilson
  • Rocco Mediate
  • Daniel Chopra
  • Chris Dimarco
  • Steve Flesch
  • Tripp Isenhour
  • Cameron Beckmen
  • Greg Owen
  • Brett Wetterich
  • David Toms
  • Frank Lickliter II
  • Zach Johnson
  • Justin Rose