Ricky Barnes Checks In With Oakley On The Forthcoming 2010 US Open Championship


Oakley caught up with our top head-to-toe PGA player Ricky Barnes recently, and one thing is for certain, Ricky Barnes is a special breed. Having grown up in Northern California it seems almost ironic that after coming so close at last year’s US Open he might just see redemption on a course so close to where he grew up.

“I am very excited, not only to get back to Northern California, but for golf’s biggest tournament,” said Ricky Barnes. “Pebble Beach is on one of the most picturesque golf courses on the planet.”

Earlier this year Barnes contended very strongly at the Masters where he finished tied for tenth. Since Augusta Ricky has continued his strong play with a fifth place finish in Harbor Town.

“I have gotten off to a decent start to the season and will be looking forward to the US Open,” Barnes continued. “With a top 10 finish at The Masters back in April, I know that my game is starting to come around in the bigger events.”

Ricky is very optimistic about his chances and that confidence breed’s success for him. Which he will look to feed off of with the winding course that makes it’s way along the Pacific Ocean for one of the toughest 18 holes in the US.

“When we get to Pebble Beach I will have one goal in mind, and that is to improve on last year’s US Open finish. Second is great, but the winner is the person that people will remember. See you all there and be sure to bring your Oakleys!!”


Matt Murray


May 21, 2010