Oakley's NorCal Shootout Provides Golf-Mania!


Oakley’s golf program shined very brightly yesterday over the Half Moon Bay coastline from sun up to sun down, as everyone brought there “A” game. The day started off at 6am with everyone working feverishly to set-up the Rolling O Lab, Custom “Flak Jacket” Bar, sign-in area, branding on course, BBQ lounge and most importantly infinite amounts of Corona Beer.

As the sun rose over the ninth hole on the “Old Course” all 70 golf carts were branded with Oakley decals and parked in perfect pairings for the day’s tournament. The NorCal Shootout brings out some of the best local pros from the region, top golf accounts and new this year two of Oakley’s premier pro players – Rich Beem and Ricky Barnes.

People started arriving around 9am to sign-in, purchase raffle tickets from the sexy Corona Girls, take private tours of the Rolling O Lab and build there own custom Flak Jacket sunglasses. By 11am the BBQ was cranking with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and plenty of beverages. The Corona Girls set up a putting contest with limes and lime wedged putters. Needless to say it was not an easy task, but hanging with the girls made it all worthwhile. Marty Hackel of Golf Digest and The Golf Channel fame was able to sink a putt and won a bad-ass Corona Cooler, and this would not be the last thing Marty would win.

At 11:45am area Oakley Golf Rep and Head Organizer of the event, Bobby Schultze got on the mic to breakdown the rules and send everyone on their way. The foursomes were stacked with fun groups, on one hole you would have VP of Domestic Optic Sales Tom Faukner, Golf Digest’s Marty Hackel, Las Vegas Rep Paul Hyams and Surf Legend Jeff Clark, and on another hole you would have 2002 PGA Championship Winner Rich Beem, 2009 PGA Tour Card Qualifier Ricky Barnes, Golf Sports Marketing Manager Al Janc and AVP Emcee Geeter.

To say the field was not stacked full of great talent and characters would be as Hackel put it – “foolishness”. All day long you could hear Marty dropping his classic one-liners of “hello” and “I get it”. Hackel truly brought a lot of flavor to this year’s NorCal Shootout and Oakley could not have been happier to host him.

Everyone’s rounds finished around 5pm, which was perfect timing for those who were on the final two holes, where a breathtaking sunset became the backdrop for this immaculate day of golf. The sky was full of purples and reds that bounced off the glassy three to four surf rolling into the coastline of the 18th hole’s fairway. Tom, Paul and Jeff lined up on the 18th tee box to send a ball into the Pacific Ocean for Lefty as Marty counted down the synchronization of three simultaneous tee shots.

After a solid round of golf everyone headed into the clubhouse for an Italian family style dinner buffet, drinks and the awards ceremony in the custom “Bobby Schultze” Oakley Store. The awards ceremony was a big hit as always, but the biggest hit of the night had to be Marty taking home three insane gifts, an Oakley Backpack for his daughter, a signed painting of the 2008 Ryder Cup and a black on black Oakley Holeshot watch. Additionally, halfway through the awards ceremony this year Oakley added a new and very unique experience for all that attended – an open panel discussion with Rich Beem and Ricky Barnes that was emceed by none other then Geeter.

Geeter of course was in rare form digging into Rich and Ricky’s past and current life on and off the golf course. Beemer was extremely candid about his success and shared some hilarious stories that cannot be repeated on Oakley.com. Barnes kept it lively with stories about Oakley’s presence at the FBR Open and being supported by a brand he so strongly admires. Both players talked about Oakley’s growing and improving footwear and apparel line, to which many of the local pros were stoked to hear about.

“Another incredible event put on by Bobby Schultze at the Half Moon Bay Golf Club,” stated Oakley Golf Sports Marketing Manager, Al Janc. “Ricky Barnes and Rich Beem both want back in next year, Marty Hackle, said ‘it was the most fun of any golf tournament he has ever played in and he plays a lot’. I think that pretty much says it all; the NorCal Shootout remains the crowning jewel in the Oakley Pro/Am Series.”

The evening rapped up in the Club Lounge and bar at the Ritz Carlton where many more great stories were shared and experienced. Big ups to Bobby Schultze, Al Janc, Jim Flanagan, Toby Winters, Ryan Evert and Crew, The Ritz Carlton, Kevin, Anthony and the Half Moon Bay Golf Club Crew, Rich Beem, Ricky Barnes, Geeter, Jeff Clark, Marty Hackel, Corona and the Corona Girls.