"Hello, I am from Barcelona, Spain, therefore I am a Latin blooded who loves the Mediterranean atmosphere, its food and wine, the weather, the islands and the best white sand beaches in the world, in conclusion the Mediterranean way of life. Maybe because of that way of life my parents one day started playing golf in the early 80’s. Now here I am, a few years later I am a professional golfer. I am a very emotional person but even more since my son Izan was born, I admit it, we change (mostly for good) when we become mothers. I also admit I have a strong character, especially when I miss a putt. I lived in Florida for four years and I loved it but I feel much like at home when I am in California, it reminds me more our European style. I have traveled all around the world and I believe that helps any person being much more open. As I said I have a son called Izan, Ivan my man and father of my son (not husband, we don’t like the word "married" very much), a sister Noemí, and my parents Joan and Encarna who together with my mother in law are now my favorite baby sitters."

- Paula Marti

Q & A

  1. Cigarettes Are

    Three a day may seem a great pleasure but 10.950 cigarettes after 10 years can not be good for your health, 3 x 365 x 10 (10.950) = High Risk of RIP.

  2. My Parents

    Are and odd but unique couple. 13 years of age difference, together for 35 and just got married 7 years ago. Mum has been taking care of the family and my dad is a bohemian artist (painter) with a great sense of humor, and now they baby-sit Izan most of the time. They make great grand parents.

  3. The Fans

    I like them all but specially the kids. It's nice to see young girls that try to dress like me and behave like me. It's an honor and not many people can have that special feeling. I am very lucky.

  4. Once I

    Jumped off an airplane, a great feeling but believe I will never do it again, specially now that I am a mother!!!

  5. The Crowds

    A Barcelona vs. Real Madrid soccer match, that's crowds!!! Well also when I played Solheim Cup and my ball went directly to the Crowds, an old American lady for sure still remembers me after hitting her in the head, oooppps, I am sorry!!!

  6. Filming Can Be

    A great way to catch a moment and replay it as much as you want, I love taking pictures and filming and collect those special times of my life. It's also part of my job when working for "Television de Catalunya."

  7. Alcohol Is

    My glasses of red Spanish wine with my man every night for dinner at home, my iced cold vodka when partying and a horrible headache when I exceed. One more thing, don't drink and drive.

  8. The Last Time

    Last is thinking about the past, I rather live the present and let the future please?

  9. You Feel Pain

    When I get a new tattoo, especially the one I got in my lower back, but at the end the pain it's worth it, it looks sexy, doesn't it?

  10. Oakley Is Different

    Oakley is desire, is music, is vision, is sacrifice, is creativity, is sport, is a "must have," is exciting, is my style and better than my sponsor.

  11. Travel Can Be

    Very relaxing when I leave at home my golf clubs and fly to the island of Formentera (Ibiza), and very stressful when the air land looses them right before a tournament.

  12. What Are Risks

    Taking off my son's diapers, you never know if it will be "rain" or "storm", that's risk!!!

  13. I Prefer

    To win the British Open more than any other tournament, well, I would not complain either if I ever have the chance to win the US Open.

Paula Marti

Date of Birth:
January 29, 1980
Barcelona, Spain
Rolex, Ping and Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza S.A.
Tennis, Mountain Bike, music and books.

Career Highlights

    • Youngest Winner of Ladies European Tour Order of Merit at 22
    • Winner of Italian Open
    • Winner of the British Masters
    • Winner of Australian LPGA Open
    • 2nd at The British Open