Bubba’s Hover: Masters Tournament Champion Watson and Oakley Team Up To Create Golf Cart Hovercraft


Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly get any cooler; Bubba Watson strikes again! Earlier this year, the captivating southpaw teamed up with his esteemed boy band “The Golf Boys,” consisting of fellow PGA Tour stars Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan, to produce the much anticipated “2.Oh” music video. There is a new viral video being passed around at rapid speed, featuring Watson, minus his band mates this time around, with an exciting twist. The video has swept the nation this week, trending across all channels of media. You’ve most likely seen it already, but just in case you’ve been in a remote forest or hiding under a rock, void of any Internet capabilities, we’d like to share with you the story that is…”Bubba’s Hover!”

2012 Masters Tournament Champion, Bubba Watson joined the Oakley golf team of athletes in January 2013. He made it very clear that one of the major deciding factors was Oakley’s shared desire for simply having massive amounts of fun! With big-name, charismatic athletes like Shaun White and James “Bubba” Stewart on the roster, Watson was thrilled at the idea of teaming up with Oakley and their long list of athletes, that as a group screamed “good times!”

Another thing that Watson and Oakley have in common: an affinity for breaking the rules. When the duo came up with the idea of changing the way conventional golf carts function, the plan was an instant hit. Pairing with a company called Neoteric Hovercraft in Terre Haute, Indiana, Watson and Oakley came up with the concept of a golf cart hovercraft.

Why walk around a water hazard when you can drive right over it? Tired of weak, 10mph maximum speed, electric powered, snail’s pace golf carts? Watson was too, and so the BW1 was created. A beast of a machine, sure to turn heads at your local country club, the first-of-its-kind, prototype has a top speed of 60mph and can float across water hazards, sand traps and virtually any other obstacle a golf course could throw your way.

“It takes you everywhere you want to go,” Watson said. “Through sand traps, through water, short cuts into the woods and out of the woods. And my ball likes to go in and out of the woods.”

“The biggest advantage to the hovercraft is that it has a foot print pressure about 33 times less than the human foot,” Chris Fitzgerald of Neoteric Hovercraft added. “So by hovering across a green you leave absolutely no trace.”

Defying the ways of conventional wisdom is Bubba and Oakley’s modus operandi. The creation of Bubba’s Hover makes this fact entirely evident. “Bubba’s Hover,” the video that has been viewed over 3 million times in just over two days and has graced the cover of virtually every major news outlet, from CNN to ESPN to ABC’s Good Morning America to NBC’s Today Show, is something you’re not going to want to miss. So if you haven’t seen the master creation quite yet, here is your chance: we present to you – “Bubba’s Hover.”