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February 2013

  • #VivaLaBubba (Watson) – Talk Of The Town At Waste Management Phoenix Open


    Posted over 1 year ago by John Ohail

    If you were one of the record 179,000+ people who attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament this past Saturday at TPC Scottsdale, in Arizona and you didn’t see, hear or come across the phrase #VivaLaBubba, there’s either one of two things going on here. One: You’re most likely described by your closest friends as “oblivious.” Or two: You need to consult your local physician for your issue with sleepwalking. Point being; Bubba Watson was everywhere! In human form, the 2012 Masters Tournament Champion could be found playing 18 holes with the greatest Olympian of all time, Team USA’s swimming star, Michael Phelps, in Wednesday’s Annexus ProAm. Or riling up the crowd at the iconic 16th hole during the PGA Tour tournament itself, asking for noise while most crave silence. In other forms, Bubba Watson and Oakley’s now catchy hashtag, #VivaLaBubba could be seen flying the Scottsdale skies in the form of a giant 40 foot by 80 foot banner trailing behind an airplane w...