Roaring With Tiger: O’s McIlroy Paired with Woods at Chevron Challenge, Finishes Fourth. 'Twitter Wars' Ensue


There’s no doubt about it. He’s on the track to superstardom.

Oakley’s newly-signed Golf Star, teen phenom Rory McIlroy, went head-to-head with Tiger Woods at the Chevron World Challenge in Thousands Oaks, Calif. this past weekend. And although Tiger eventually powered past him after 36 holes, O’s young gun finished a solid fourth at the event at 11-under…and with a massive amount of media attention to boot. (Not even including the light-hearted ‘Twitter wars’ that went down this past week involving Rory and O’s Ian Poulter – with other PGA personalities. See below.)

It’s no secret: Rory is a media darling and arguably one of the two most exciting (and talked about) players on the Tour.

The sport’s “Heir Apparent” set off a bona fide media frenzy in Europe prior to the competition, making clear that he wouldn’t mind being paired with Tiger Woods.

Well he got his wish. Rory was pitted against the sport’s current megastar in friendly but serious action on the course. Woods eventually pulled away, as he followed up his opening 65 with a six-under par 66 and lead by four shots after 36 holes at the event. But there’s no doubt that the media and fans were watching very, very closely.

Yet in the face of pressure and press hype, Rory kept his calm and poise – even after the contest.

“I don’t mind,” said McIlroy of the attention – rocking his Oakley apparel and shades. “I just need to worry about my own game, I have got enough to think about with that with myself. What happened with the Ryder Cup wasn’t anything (comments after the event). It was a mountain made out of a molehill. We always get along great, and when I was asked if I wanted to play him at the Ryder Cup I said that of course I did.”

When asked about his day with Rory, Tiger expressed his admiration for O’s rising star.

“It was fun,” said Woods. “I enjoy playing with Rory. He’s a great kid. We were chatting about just all different types of subjects. You know, he’s one of the best players in the world. He’s got so much talent. It is just fun to watch. Unfortunately he made a mistake on the last hole, but I would love to play with him again.”

You can bet on that. And with continued progress, Oakley’s young prodigy will surely continue his rise…and will more than likely end up paired with Woods again before everyone knows it.

“I’m competitive, so is he and there is no problem there. We chatted all day today.”

As Rory and Tiger stole the spotlight, Oakley’s English rebel and Ryder Cup Hero, Ian Poulter, was doing some major damage of his own to the field – eventually finishing in a respectable sixth place at three-under.

Ian stole a few headlines of his own – with Woods included – prior to the event, as he Tweeted about a joking exchange between the two in Dubai. Adding to the cyber hype, Rory and Ian both made multiple headlines following the PGA’s recent ‘Twitter Wars’ – which featured witty comments and playful joking between Golfers in social media. Check out the funky headlines coming out of the PGA and our Golf Stars.

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Congratulations to both Rory and Ian for solid performances at the Chevron World Challenge!