Belly of The Beast


A surreal calm surrounded the Holmenkollen stadium outside of Oslo as the inaugural “Evening Classics” got under way. This year the Quarterpipe is placed perfectly in the bottom landing zone of the famous ski jump. Oakley riders Nicolas Muller, Kevin Pearce, Jacob Koia, Colin Frei, rookie Stole Sandbech, Dustin Craven and event founder Terje Haakonsen strapped in and rode the big transition quarterpipe. After a long afternoon of qualification runs and practice a select 16 riders represented a new format in snowboarding.

They were judged on three different trick categories: upside down tricks, spin tricks, and straight airs. The better of 2 runs in each category would count. But instead of judging with points, the most expensive city in the world gave away money instead! With 32,000 Kroner’s in each category and total cash purse of 96,000 Kroner’s ($18,000) this format proved motivating. A maximum of 1,000 Kroners per trick would be awarded to each rider and the leftover loot at the end of a category would go into the pot. The overall winner of each trick section would win the remaining cash.

Terje once again progresses the way snowboard contest are run. And he walked away 3,182 Kroners richer because of it in 5th place. Riding consistant in all 3 sections Haakon once again showed spectators that a Mctwist is the most stylish trick in snowboarding. And he can do it anywhere anytime in any condition. He truly is the ambassador of transition riding. Koia the destroyer busted out smooth backside 720’s, Nicolas and Pearce threw down the sickest McTwist’s I have ever seen next to Terje. And Dustin Craven busts out the best methods of the night. This contest came down to who had the best Mctwist and Method in their arsenal. And KP cleaned up and put an extra 19,000 Kroners ($3,500) in his pocket.

After the event a new format of partying was also developed at the best club in Oslo, Cosmo. Oakley and Lasse Andersen hosted a dinner party upstairs for the crew and riders, while downstairs hundreds of girls from Norway drank champagne and primed themselves for the doors to open.  Waiting for their chance to hang out with an Arctic Challenge rider, and shake it up on the dance floor. This was one of the most amazing parties ever hosted in recent history and will be remembered by all who attended. Future Snowboarding Magazines Senior Editor, Tracy Anderson said it all “This will never happen again, there are girls everywhere!”

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Matt Murray, Matt Swanson


February 22, 2008